Top times Taylor Swift accidentally revealed her TikTok clone account & her low-tech made fans ‘laugh to tears’

Hard fans of Taylor Swift will not forget the "indiscreet" phases of the female singer when using technology.

Referring to the most influential music in the world, no one can not mention the female country singer  Taylor Swift. During her 15 artistic activities, the female singer has devoted herself to music and the audience. Because of that, Taylor Swift always receives love and support from fans, every move is of interest to the public.


The female singer received much love around the world

Recently, fans have “digged” the low-tech phases of the female singer, especially the reveal of her secret TikTok account due to her “indiscretion”.

Specifically, when the MV The Man  is in the promotion phase in 2020, Taylor Swift collaborates with a famous American hot TikToker Loren Gray. In a re-sharing of Loren Gray’s TikTok video on her story to PR for the song  The Man, the female singer revealed her TikTok account. In Taylor’s story, Loren’s video appears and Taylor’s TikTok “clone” account appears and invites you to join this platform.


Taylor Swift re-shares Loren Gray’s TikTok video


But accidentally revealed my TikTok clone account

That TikTok account has a name that can’t be more “clone” than @user1481743278724, even following 12 celebrities including the female singer’s blue tick account. Immediately, her fans raced to follow this virtual account, making Taylor Swift seem “shocked” and immediately deleted this account from TikTok.


Currently, Taylor Swift only has this green tick account left

To this day, fans still occasionally recall Taylor Swift’s “indiscreet” phase of this technology, before that, she was also famous for “showing” the selfie first, or the moment of finding out where to turn off the camera on the laptop.


Taylor Swift’s low-tech moments

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