Turns Out Jin & Suga Are Always ‘Allergic’ To J-Hope’s Style

Like the rest of BTS, J-Hope is always praised for breaking gender stereotypes with his fashion.

Since debut, J-Hope has asserted the uniqueness of his fashion style because he often does not follow certain rules.


In particular, he wowed netizens with different nail designs that match the concept of his songs.


Recently, J-Hope appeared on a show with solo singer Zico. In it, they chat about everything from J-Hope’s latest album and the group’s schedule.

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Then, Zico wanted to know which nail style J-Hope liked the most. Not surprisingly, the male idol of BTS revealed that it was the nail style for the collaboration with Becky G through the song Chicken Noodle Soup.

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When filming the MV, J-Hope had cute petite designs on his nails with the image of a chicken.


Zico then asked about the members’ reactions to this manicure. “Is there anyone you know who really doesn’t like having their nails done?” – Zico asked.

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“I know a person, he will often say: What the hell. And that person is Suga” – J-Hope replied.

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Even the oldest member, Jin, had an unexpected reaction when he saw J-Hope’s outfit. “Jin hyung and I drink a lot together. He often commented: Who wears clothes like that?”.

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