tvN want to cast BTS’s V, can they afford him?

According to recent reports in the Korean media, V is prepared to appear on the upcoming Seojin’s variety show on tvN.

V and his friend Park Seo Joon traveled to Mexico to film Seojin’s early in December.

V and Park Seo Joon went to Mexico for filming

How much would it cost to cast BTS member V as an actor in a film?

In the historical Ԁrama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth in 2016, V made his acting debut.

He portrays Suk Han Sung, a youthful fighter with a friendly and outgoing demeanor.

V has only ever watched Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth so far.

Since his acting debut six years ago, V has reportedly been continuously receiving offers from different K-Drаmа production firms, according to a Star News report. Approximately 200 million KRW (177,000 USD) is said to be his appearance pay per episode.

This is approximately half of what one of Korea’s most in-demand experienced performers, Kim Soo Hyun, would command. In Kimchi Cheese Smile, Kim Soo Hyun made his acting debut on television in 2007. His pay is reportedly around 500 million KRW (441,000 USD) per episode after 15 years in the business.

Although V is still a young actor, his exceptional talent and attractiveness will attract a large audience. Given that BTS members are concentrating more on their separate promotions, this may actually happen.

The BTS male idol has already declared that he enjoys playing villains.