Twilight director: ‘Removing Taylor Swift from the movie is the best choice’

If not for this reason, we could have seen Taylor Swift appear in the cult Twilight movie franchise.

Twilight seems to be no longer a strange name for movie fans, even though you have never seen a movie of this franchise, you must have read or heard about this name. With a revenue of more than 2 billion dollars, it is not difficult to understand when many actors and singers other than the main cast want to receive a supporting role or cameo in this work. And among them is the famous singer Taylor Swift.



According to director Chris Weitz, who once led the Twilight: New Moon project, Taylor Swift had the opportunity to appear in the film, but he himself rejected this wish of Taylor. Simply because Taylor Swift is so famous. It is known that after the first movie was released, there was a phenomenon called “Twi-hard”, referring to celebrities who are fans of Twilight and want to have a small cameo role in the film. At this time, Taylor also shared the same agency with director Chris, so the company revealed that Taylor was a Twi-hard, and wanted a small role in the movie like she served.



But the reaction of director Chris was not much agreeing to let Taylor in the film: “The difficult thing for me to say frankly is the moment Taylor was on the set. Only somewhere around 5 minutes, then no one on the set will be able to work. And that includes me. I might think [Oh Taylor plays my movie, then I can go out, be friends with Taylor]. But that’s just what I think, and with Taylor she’s like [Who is this guy?]. So I decided to do what’s best for the film.”



Although not participating in Twilight, Taylor Swift’s film fortune is quite diverse when the singer has had the opportunity to participate in a number of small roles in works such as “New Girl,” “The Lorax” and “The Lorax”. Cats.”

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