Twitter employees have to bring toilet paper to work

San Francisco: Elon Musk’s drastic cost-cutting initiatives have prompted some Twitter employees to bring their own toilet paper because there are no janitors to replenish supply at the US headquarters of the company. Call it insanҽ.

According to a New York Times article, the office is “in chaos” because of the janitors’ absence.

According to the report, “bathrooms have become filthy and odors of leftover takeaway food and body odour are pervasive.”

Four levels at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco have been shut down by Musk, leaving only two floors for staff to work out.

The article claims that Twitter cut janitorial services after its employees went on strike in early December in demand of increased pay.

As the new Twitter owner canceled their contract, the janitorial workers discovered they had been locked out of the company’s headquarters without prior notice.

Since Musk took control of the company, Twitter’s staff has decreased from almost 7,800 to under 2,000 as a result of mass firings.

Musk claimed last week that he has cut costs “like crazy” for the previous five weeks.

He claimed that in order to prevent the “business from a $3 bιllιon hole in its budget,” he fired employees and reduced spending at Twitter.

In a Twitter Spaces audio chat, he said, “This company is like, basically, you are in a jet that is speeding into the ground with the engines on fire and the controls don’t work.”

Musk claimed that Twitter was on track to make about $3 bιllιon in sales and have about $1 bιllιon in liquidity.

In fact, Twitter will be fine next year, according to Musk.

Elon Musk buys ABC, cancels ‘The View’ TV Show

The new owner of Twitter has openly announced a 37.5 billion $ offer to buy ABC from Walt Disney, expanding his media empire.

Elon Musk has done it once more!

The new owner of Twitter increased his media holdings by publicly announcing a 37.5 billion dollar offer to buy ABC from its parent company, Walt Disney.The acquisition appears to have Disney’s approval, but the terms of the deal are at best vague.Customers’ boycotts of the company’s renowned theme parks in response to Disney’s backing of the LGBTQ community and the wider woke culture may be to blame for the company’s recent financial difficulties.

Disney has suffered greatly as a result of parents around the nation refusing to expose their children to this trash.According to reports, in order to stay in business, Disney needed a financial boost and was compelled to sell its investment in ABC.

Elon Musk, beaming with pride, outlined his key objectives for his new company in a news release: “This is just the next step in my mission to bring some reason back to American media. Hollywood’s elite and the extreme left have too long dominated the mainstream media. This has to end, and I’ll make sure it does.

My first action as CEO of ABC will be to cancel The View and fire the whole cast, most notably Whoopi Goldberg, as a first step in achieving this goal. She will experience two job losses. It is necessary to cancel the program since it is embarrassing.

Later, Mr. Musk added that he would replace the show with a variety show aimed at a general audience, featuring conservative performers and artists like James Woods, Clint Eastwood, and Tim Allen, as well as figures like Kyle Rittenhouse, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent who would make comments about the media and Hollywood.It is unknown what will happen with all of the lawsuits brought against The View, notwithstanding Kyle Rittenhouse’s offer that he would drop his grievance against Whoopi Goldberg if he were to take over as host of the new show and be able to personally follow her off the set.