Two of BTS’s songs reached list of top searches on global Google in 2022

Recently, Google has announced the Top 10 searches divided into many categories as well as many regions around the world. On a global scale, 2 of BTS’ songs have reached the Top 10 most searched songs of 2022 thanks to Google’s “hum to search” feature.

Top Global Google Search

Google’s “hum to search” feature is a way for users to find songs they don’t know the name of but can recall the sound of. This feature is beneficial for people who can remember the catchy chorus or melody of a song but don’t know who sang it.

Google’s “hum to search” feature

In it, BTS’s  Butter and  Dynamite took 2nd and 7th place respectively, along with popular songs like Ali Sethi x Shae Gill’s  Pasoori  , Backstreet Boys  ‘ Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)  , Imagine Dragons’  Enemy  and  Believer

Although these 2 songs of BTS have been released for a long time, but still ranked high, it shows how extremely catchy and catchy the melody is!

Top 10 most searched songs in 2022 on Google globally:

1.  Pasoori  – Ali Sethi

2.  Butter  – BTS

3.  Chaand Baaliyan  – Aditya A

4.  Heat   Waves  – Glass Animals

5.  Enemy  – Imagine Dragons

6.  Believer  – Imagine Dragons

7.  Dynamite  – BTS

8.  Ainsi bas la vida  – Indila

9.  Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)  – Backstreet Boys

10.  Srivalli  – Javed Ali

What do you see from Blackpink being honored after BTS?

The fаct that Time honored group Blackpink as Entertainer of the Year shows that the girls’ charm has not decreased after the speculations of the audience.

The fаct that Time honored the group Blackpink as the Entertainer of the Year after BTS (2020) made many of their fans proud.

Because after 2 years of absence from the Kpop music race, Blackpink’s return in 2022 marks a series of records showing that their name is still maintained, there is no way they are forgotten.

Starting in October this year, Blackpink carried out a tour around Europe – part of the Born Pink tour that the group had planned in advance. In one night, they brought in more than 3 million UՏD. Huge amount of money that not all stars can do.

According to CNN, part of the team’s success comes from pressure. In the documentary, the members of the group shared a lot about their practice, their daily efforts sometimes felt empty. Speaking to Time, Jennie said the group put in a lot of effort to look like superheroes but at the end of the day, they’re just like any other normal girl.

Despite the controversy at the concert night such as superficial dancing, wrong choreography, over-singing, Blackpink still affirmed the group’s charm.

In August, Blackpink had an impressive and explosive performance at the MTV VMAs (MTV Video Music Awards) taking place in New Jersey, USA. At the MTV EMAs 2022 (MTV Europe Music Awards), Lisa won the category of Best Kpop Song. A few months earlier, Lisa also made history when she became the first K-pop solo artist to win a similar category at the MTV VMAs.

According to Time magazine, Blackpink maintains a stable performance, completely different from the usual Pop groups. In the context that K-pop groups are falling into saturation and losing heat, Blackpink is still active and attractive by allowing each member to shine in their own way.

That said, Blackpink is really a different group and deserves to be honored this year. They have not lost their name or their careers have declined after 8 years of artistic activities.