Ultimate guide to choosing the perfect tattoos for yourself

“If you have a low tolerance for рain, opt for a smaller tattoo that will take less time to make,” said Angel Zimik, a tattoo artist

Choosing a tattoo design can be stressful because it’s permanent, and making the wrong decision can be painful, costly, and inconvenient. This is why one must consider some factors before making the final decision; these include size, colour, design, meaning, style, and placement, as well as the artist you want to make the tattoo. “So, take your time and do all your research before proceeding ahead,” said Angel Zimik, resident tattoo artist at 𝗗evil’z Tattooz.

In ϲase you are wondering where to begin from,  here are some pro tips from Zimik. Check them out below:

*First, ask yourself why you want a tattoo.*Decide your design carefully.*Make sure the design has a personal meaning. It should represent something that you love, enjoy, is a hobby, an interest, or are attached to. Ask yourself why and what it means to you. “But again, your tattoo doesn’t have to have a deep meaning. Don’t be afraid to get a cartoon character if you really love it!” she suggested.*Approach tattoos with writing even more carefully. (Foreign script, language, font)*Look at other tattoos and designs that exist already, but don’t restrict yourself to what’s already out there.

– The placement of your tattoo is very important. Do you want it to show up every day or do you want it covered up most of the time?– Design composition– Design size

Choose your tattoo colour wisely

– Do you want your tattoo in black or gray? Or do you want a full-colour tattoo?– Will the colour fade faster in certain places on your body?– Consider the pigment of your skin and how well the colour goes with it.


*How will the elements you want look as a tattoo*Custom design/unique: You can look up online for an idea but always let your artist design something unique for you.*Avoid settling on anything popular or trendy that does not actually bring you joy. Make sure you are happy with what you get, Zimik stressed.

Choose an artist

*After you’ve decided what you want and what style of tattoo you like best, then find a tattoo artist that specialises in that style.*Do not just go to the nearest parlour. Please do proper research, check various artist portfolios.

Book a consultation with an artist

If you find a tattoo artist whose work you like, book a consultation appointment to discuss a possible tattoo. Bring along pictures of artwork, designs, or other tattoos you like to give the artist a sense of what you want. Discuss the size of the tattoo, and where you want it so that the artist can generate a fitting design for you.

Size of your tattoo

*Size is an important consideration for tattoos. For instance, a very detailed portrait will not work for a very small area of skin. Alternatively, a very basic design like a music note might look odd if it is stretched out over a large part of the body.*Consult a tattoo artist for suggestions on size, design, and placement of your next tattoo.*If you have a low tolerance for рain, opt for a smaller tattoo that will take less time.

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Work out your tattoo budget

Before contacting tattoo artists to start planning your tattoo, you should know how much you are willing to spend on it. Some tattoos will require multiple sessions. Be clear with any artists you speak to about how much you have to spend and get estimates for what the tattoo you envision will cost in total.

Some additional tips

*Keep in mind that it costs more to get foot, hand, and face tattoos because they need more touch-ups and require more time and attention to heal. Some artists may also refuse to do these types of tattoos, especially if you don’t already have tattoos in more visible areas.

*Avoid consuming аlcohol 24 hours before your tattoo session. It is more difficult for an artist to work because your ƅlood gets very thin and you bleed easily and constantly. The ink will also not settle well.

*Have a proper meal before you go for a tattoo session.

*Always remember, a good tattoo depends on both artist and client. Artists do their part before and while tattooing it. Your part comes after the tattoo is done, please listen to your artist aftercare properly.