Unbelievable: Remarkable ‘schedule’ of BTS and BLACKPINK in 2023


In 2023, Blackpink is officially the first K-pop group to be invited to attend the biggest music festival in London, England, held at Royal Park in 2023.

Besides, other famous stars will appear at next year’s festival including: Bruce Springsteen, E Street band, Billy Joel and P!NK…

According to information from the organizers, Blackpink will perform on July 2, 2023, marking the festival’s premiere event in the UK. It is known that at the time of participating in the festival in London, Blackpink completed the world tour.

Previously, the management company YG Entertainment also announced the schedule for Blackpink’s world tour “Born Pink”. Accordingly, the final venue of the tour will be in Japan. Blackpink will hold 4 concerts in 2 cities in 2023, starting with Tokyo Dome on April 8 and 9, 2023 and followed by Kyocera Dome Osaka on June 3 and 4, 2023.

With this announcement, Blackpink will expand the world tour with a total of 18 shows in 11 cities in Asia.


The group’s historic concert held in early October to promote Busan city to host World Expo 2030, will be recreated into a movie version with the title BTS: Yet To Come In Cinemas and released in 2023.

However, the cinematic version will feature new close-ups as well as a widescreen view of the entire concert and will be released in a variety of formats including Screen X and 4DX.

The film will hit theaters in more than 110 countries and territories for a limited time, starting February 1, 2023.

Meanwhile, BTS: Yet To Come In Cinemas will mark the group’s 5th film to be released on the big screen, after Burn The Stage: The Movie, Bring The Soul: The Movie, Break The Silence: The Movie and Permission To Dance on Stage – Seoul: Live Viewing.

Lisa Stuns Netizens With A Single Silhouette Photo

BLACKPINK  ‘s  Lisa  is one of the globally loved and recognized K-Pop idols, and that’s undisputed.

BLACKPINK is currently on the European leg of their  BORN PINK world  tour and most recently completed performances in Paris, Copenhagen, and Berlin.


The four members poured all their heart into their 45-day world tour. Each member is recognized for their talent, professionalism, and stunning visuals on stage.

Along with performing some of their most popular songs as a group, each member captivated fans with their own solo stages.

For Lisa ‘s solo stage , the talented female idol performed the singles “LALISA” and “Money”, even performing an impressive pole dance.

All four members have gone viral many times during their world tour, and recently, Lisa has been causing a fever for some reason.

Instead of going viral with her incredible rapping style…

…or his top-notch dancing skills…

…or her enviable design style as the queen of  Celine , all of which she has spread before…

…she is going viral just because of a picture of herself alone.

In the viral photo, Lisa captures attention with just a perfect body line as she casually posed on stage in Paris, showing off her unrealistic proportions and stunning angle.

Nate Pan

Residents couldn’t help but admire Lisa’s flawless beauty, even in a photo with only her silhouette.

“Lisa really has no flaws even her figure is this beautiful”

The Korean resident retweeted photos on a popular online community forum in which her silhouette was compared to a mannequin and she was likened to an AI character.

Another resident questioned whether her height is really 166 cm because of her model-like proportions.

– “Model ratio”

– “Wow [her height] is really 166 cm?”

– “Oh my gσsҺ”

– “Really amazing”