V Rҽvҽals He Gained Weight During A Specific Era

BTS member V has shown great affection for ARMYs when it comes to his weight gain!

Specifically, in an interview, V shared that he gained weight faster than usual during the release of Fake Love in 2018.


However, V doesn’t feel bad about it at all. Instead, he really loves it because ARMYs find him really adorable when he puts on the extra pounds!

tai xuong 85

With chubby cheeks, his face looks rounder and softer which makes ARMYs find it cute. Currently, his chubby cheeks in Fake Love are still the most favorite face of V’s fans.

tai xuong 84

Not only do fans love this super cute look, but V’s family also finds him cuter as he gains weight.

tai xuong 83

He once shared before the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards that his grandmother preferred him to be chubby. Since his grandmother will be watching the show, he has no choice but to keep eating and eating!

tai xuong 82

unnamed 38

It’s impossible not to love this squishy side of him!


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