VAR ‘robs’ Man Utd of penalty following Alejandro Garnacho seemingly clear penalty for handball by Spurs’ Cristian Romero

VAR disregarded Manchester United’s requests for a penalty after the ball struck Cristian Romero in the hand.

The decision by referee Michael Oliver and VAR not to penalize Cristian Romero after the ball touched his hand in the area has angered Manchester United supporters who believe they were “robbed” of a penalty in the first half of their match against Tottenham. Both teams had chances to break the score in the first 45 minutes of play between United and Tottenham.


Bruno Fernandes missed a close-range opportunity with a free header from six yards out, and Tottenham quickly hit the woodwork twice. However, United felt betrayed by not receiving a penalty in the middle of the half.

On the edge of the box, Alejandro Garnacho found some room and tried to curl the ball into the top corner. Romero sprinted to deflect the shot, which was plainly directed at his right arm.

To the dismay of United supporters watching, referee Olivier dismissed United’s protests and VAR upheld the on-field verdict.

“Manchester United got robbed and no one is saying anything about it,” wrote @NuTyrant in a tweet. “If it was the other way around, the tl would’ve been filled with rivals tears.”

“Manchester United was robbed a Penalty by VAR and the Refs, it’s clear as day, Michael Oliver is complicit,” tweeted @AndyKe_ in a tweet.

“Seriously all United fans, we need to do something about this,” groused @MarvelManUtd. We can’t keep falling victim to theft every year.

The following tweet was tweeted by @UtdDyIan: “United robbed of a clear pen, guess that cancels out last weeks.”