Video геvеаled raises doubts about friendship between Jungkook and Jimin

Many of the followers of the idols wonder what kind of relationship they may have if they were more than just friends because of the wonderful experiences the idols’ partnership has left behind.

A video that was included on the DVD “Memories 2020,” a compilation video that showed behind-the-scenes footage from that year, has caused his fans and supporters to question their friendship. The scene that left the ARMY speechless was the almost-kiss between the Golden Maknae and Jimin.

Since more than one ARMY claims that they were close, the incident went viral on social media after the content was геvеаled, but the youngest member of BTS ultimately moved away because of the close proximity of his groupmate.

There has long been a perception among certain fans that Jimin and Jungkook had a “bromance.” However, since these matters should be kept private, many people prefer to avoid making assumptions about people’s ꜱexual orientation or their relationships with other members.

BTS’ V, Jimin, Suga and Jungkook to release solo albums next year; HYBE CEO comments on band’s military service schedules

The CEO of HYBE discusses the albums for Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, and V as well as their plans for military duty.

BTS ARMY has found some comfort amidst the sadness that has followed the band’s announcement of its military duty. The CEO of HYBE, Park Ji-won, recently made a comment regarding the status of V, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook’s solo albums, stating that it would be expected for them to be released in 2019. He did not, however, provide any precise dates. Jin’s “Astronaut” is still making waves on the Billboard charts, and J-Hope has already made his solo album Jack in the Box available. By the end of the year, RM’s album is also anticipated to be released.

The timeline for the other members’ military enlistment is still uncertain. Ji-won said, “We will discuss with the artist and make a decision, proceed according to various implementation plans,” when asked about Jungkook’s military service plan because he is five years younger than Jin. He also mentioned that HYBE hopes to resume BTS’ group activities by 2025.

They frequently exchanged indications regarding their impending solo performances. V previously responded to a question from a fan regarding the album’s status by saying, “I modified all of them, and now [I have to] prepare it again. The images of Jimin in the studio with The Arcades, on the other hand, have generated a lot of curiosity.

All eyes are currently on RM, who is expected to be collaborating with Pharrell Williams for one of the tracks in his albums. The rapper and frontman of BTS had earlier hinted that his album would feature many ᴜnexpected singers. Pharrell’s new album Phriends also features a song by BTS, as he had mentioned in the Rolling Stones interview with RM. He had said, “My project, it’s called . . . it’s [under] my name, and the title of the album is Phriends.

It’s the volume one. You guys [BTS] are on there, obviously. And I’m actually talking about this way more than I’m supposed to, but it’s a song from my album that [BTS] sang and it’s amazing, and I’m ꜱuper grateful.” Williams added that everyone who has heard the song has praised it. RM responded that he simply “loves the song.”