Vincent Kompany: ‘Man City made the right decision’

Vincent Kompany and Sergio Gomez insiders have already told Man City what left-back can offer.

Sergio Gomez is undoubtedly a superb football player; otherwise, he wouldn’t have played for Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, and Spain’s under-21 team, and Manchester City wouldn’t have paid a $11 million transfer price for him.


If the potential new left-back joins the Blues as a “development” signing, City will be searching for the willingness to learn and progress. The club’s thorough scouting system will be able to tell if a good player has the necessary mindset to go along with their on-field talent at that point.

Gomez’s manager at Anderlecht, Vincent Kompany, who had nothing but good things to say about the 21-year-old last season, may have been contacted by City when they were scouting him.


In fact, when Gomez made an unusual error last season, his teammates defended him and commended him for his character, which will mean much more to City than the error itself.

Kompany declared: “In particular, Sergio Gomez went through his first challenging time while playing for Anderlecht. Yes, it was a mistake with repercussions. But a football player’s life includes things like that.

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“We’re discussing a championship contest. It might have occurred during the World Cup semifinals. Sergio has the right mindset to learn from such an error. He is not only here for his talent; he also persuaded us with his cognitive prowess. Only a small step will be taken in his apprenticeship.”

Wesley Hoedt, a teammate, said: “It may happen. Although it comes at an awful time, Sergio is absolutely beyond reproach. He’s still a young man, and this season is fantastic.

Gomez moved from Dortmund to Anderlecht, making just three senior games there. However, he did play in the 2018 preseason matchup against City in Chicago, partnering with Jadon Sancho on the left. He was primarily utilized as a left winger while on loan at Huesca, but Kompany moved him back into defense in Belgium.


According to reports, the Spaniard was “found” by Gomez’s youth coach David Fernandez, who told HLN last year: “Sergio was six years old when I first saw him at work at his first club Badalona, a little squad in Barcelona. At the time, I was the young coach at Espanyol Barcelona, and I didn’t think twice before sending the team to go fetch him. We regrettably lost one of our top players when he moved for Barcelona. Sergio was a happy, smiling child who loved the ball, as I can recall. Actually, that hasn’t altered at all.

Gomez played the number 10 position on a team that included Ferran Torres, Eric Garcia, and Bryan Gil, and he contributed to Spain’s victories at the 2017 under-17 and 2019 under-19 European Championships.

As a result, Fernandez was taken aback when Gomez returned to the defense under Kompany, but he went on to explain how that might give him a tactical edge.

“Vincent Kompany gives him a lot of confidence,” he declared. Each young athlete needs a coach who has faith in him. Even if Sergio is at a spot I didn’t anticipate. He has never struck me as a defender.


Sergio can still improve defensively. But it will happen. I’d rather emphasize his positive traits. They haven’t changed: With Sergio, who is six years old, I don’t notice any significant differences. He is technically excused from class. Sergio can speed up the attacking game because he still has his execution speed.

“His rhythmic shifts are also a significant asset. The match’s tempo might be set by top players themselves. Sergio’s excellent ball handling skills enable him to do that. He is a player for the very top in the long run.

Gomez’s brother, Ruben, who also spoke to HLN in 2021, provided an even more in-depth look at his positional progression, stated: “Sergio’s adaptability is a great asset for his coaches. They have more choices, and Sergio gets more playing time as a result. As a left-back, he still has room to grow, but by the end of the year, Sergio will be a very different player. The ideal instructor for the defensive element is Kompany.

His return to left-back last season with seven goals and 15 assists demonstrates a player who quickly added his natural attacking skills to a new position. It is easy to understand why City was eager to add him to their roster of alternatives if he had the openness to learning and the mindset of constantly improving that Kompany noted.


When questioned about potential transfers to teams like Inter Milan and Manchester United earlier this year, he demonstrated that composure and perspective by responding, “I’m focused on the final few months that I have left. I’m concentrating on the national team, the club, and seizing every opportunity. Actually, I know nothing.

After joining City, he might be sent out on loan, but with his obvious willingness to take on every task head-on, he might think he has a shot of impressing Pep Guardiola at the Etihad even if only given a small chance.

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