Viral moment Rosé ‘treats’ Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa’s reactions attract Fans attention

BLACKPINK  is currently on their  BORN PINK  world tour, and in addition to impressing fans with their incredible skills and powerful performance…


The members are also constantly going viral for their precious interactions with each other. Since the members are close friends, they continue to share adorable moments together such as Jisoo’s amusing reaction to hearing Jennie “swearing”…

Jennie said **** during the concert, and Jisoo had a funny reaction

Or Jennie’s cute expressionwhen Lisa kiss me.

Lisa kissed Jennie’s cheek

And Rosé showed her love for her bandmates by receiving a letter from a fan, a letter for Lisa, and she had a perfect response.

Now  Rosé  and  Jennie  are going viral for the group’s recent performance in Hamilton, Ontario. During their performance, Jennie said that she felt a bit cold, so without hesitation, the members hugged Jennie tightly, trying to keep her warm.

But then, to ensure that Jennie would feel warmer for the rest of the show, Rosé took off her jacket and gave it to Jennie.

Rose takes off her coat…

…and give it to Jennie

While it’s not surprising how much they care for each other, fans were moved by the gesture.

@13chnwar / Twitter

@13chnwar / Twitter

And the fans couldn’t help but laugh at Lisa and Jisoo’s jokes when Lisa told Jisoo that she was cold so the “older sister” should do the same, but Jisoo was only wearing only a shirt.

Jisoo picks up the ladle and says she only has this shirt

Lisa came over and jokingly unbuttoned her sister’s shirt

It is undeniable that the members always care about each other. This is really heartwarming!

BLACKPINK Rosé answers fans’ ‘unbelievable’ questions at BORN PINK Ontario concert

Rosé answered fans’ questions while performing on stage.

BLACKPINK  is currently in Hamilton, Ontario, on their  BORN PINK  world tour, currently completing ten shows on their 45 show tour.

BLACKPINK in “BORN PINK” concert in Seoul | @BLACKPINKGLOBAL / Twitter

After kicking off the tour with two shows in Korea, the group headed to North America to continue the world tour.

During their tour, the members had many opportunities to share cute and warm interactions with BLINKs, who were eagerly waiting to see the popular group in person again at their next concert. almost three years.

With thousands in attendance, fans often come up with creative ways to stand out and get the attention of their favorite idols. From recreating some of BLACKPINK’s most iconic outfits to creating funny and creative fan signs, the lucky BLINKs have certainly been noticed by the girls..

Earlier in the tour,  Jisoo  noticed a fan’s hairstyle and asked her stylists to recreate it for the next show.

“Jisoo said she saw this hairstyle yesterday from a fan and she liked it so much that she wanted to copy it”

Rosé received a letter from a lucky fan and the female idol even offered to pass it on to the recipient Lisa, however fans were excited seeking Rosé’s own autograph.

Rosé received a fan letter | @finelinerose / Twitter

Although the letter had Lisa’s name on it, in the end, the fan asked for Rosé’s autograph | @mischief1996 / Twitter

During their recent Hamilton, Ontario show,  Rosé  once again had a memorable interaction with fans as she answered a question from BLINKs.

Fans want to know how Rosé’s fish,  Joohwangie, is doing right now after the BLACKPINK member introduced her aquatic pet on the variety show,  We Will Channel You, in 2018.

Rosé and the aquarium fish Joohwangie | Pinterest

While many fans know Rosé has her beloved dog  Hank , she also has a pet fish. Her fish  Joohwangie and  Eunbyul live with Rosé’s family, and before that she had a fish named  Eunhee, sadly it passed away in 2018.

Rosé was shocked when her mother announced her fish passed away

She even burst into tears right after receiving the news

In preparation for the  BORN PINK concert, fans at the Ontario show signaled with an important question.

Fans ask questions for Rosé | @blackpinked8888 / Twitter

The lucky fan near the stage received an interesting answer from the BLACKPINK member, the female idol  did not miss a beat of “Forever Young” while still nodding her head and saying “yes” to confirm that Joohwangie is still alive and well!

Rosé is dancing but still nods her confirmation to the fans…

…accompanied by a bright smile

The moment quickly went viral because of the lovely interaction between her and the fan.