Weιrd ‘beast’ IAT Kalman costs 1.85m USD

The ‘beast’ IAT Kalman of the Chinese manufacturer possesses a pitiful appearance, with a sharp design, while the price is up to $ 1.85 million.

Chinese car company IAT has brought to the Auto Show taking place in Beijingan SUV model called IAT Kalman.


With a length of up to 6 meters with angular design lines like no otherIAT Kalman makes other SUVs like the Hummer H1 or the Dartz Kombatbecome somewhat small.

Despite such a peculiar design, the Kalman is a commercially produced car.


According to car company IAT Auto, there will be 10 units that will be put into productionand their selling price is not cheap at all, up to 1.85 million USD, expensive26 times the price of the most expensive Ford F-450 Super pickupDuty Platinum ($71,320).

The appearance of the IAT Kalman reminds us of carsin sci-fi movies with special metal pieces


The car looks angular with prominent veins

Unique pointed mirror


Sharp eye-shaped headlights

The design of the car is inspired by the blend of the luxury car Lexus LF-NX Conceptand Dartz SUVs.


Large horizontal bar grille

The front of the car looks like a monster


Large wheel set

Unique design rear lights


From the side, it looks like alien warriors

The interior space of the car reminds you of a familiar interiorof a 2014 Ford F-150 with an emphasis on detailsgilded,


Alcantara leather seats with wood paneling details on the dashboardrear passenger compartment with the ceiling is the starry sky “Starlight”same as on Rolls-Royce,

desk with a tablet computer, fridge storage


Gold handle

The car is equipped with a 6.8-liter V10 petrol engine block, with a capacity of 362 horsepower.


IAT Kalman costs 1.85 million USD and is 26 times more expensive than the price of oneFord F-450 Super Duty Platinum most expensive pickup ($71,320).