What does BLACKPINK Jennie ‘scream’ to founder Jacquemus that fans call ‘holy opportunity’?

Jennie  (BLACKPINK) recently caught the attention when she appeared at Jacquemus Le Raphia’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show. However, it was her appearance at the party afterwards that made fans say she was just like us!

BLACKPINK Jennie at Jacquemus Le Raphia’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show | @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

Many clips of Jennie having fun at the party appeared, but there was a special clip that made the residents burst out laughing.

First, she danced and took pictures with her friends, Korean supermodel  Shin Hyun Ji  and founder  Simon Porte Jacquemus . However, after this point, fans suspect that she may have been a bit drunk!

Jennie and Shin Hyun Ji

Jennie and Simon Porte Jacquemus

The clip features Jennie continuing to dance with Shin Hyun Ji as she asks for a memorable song!

“Let’s play ‘Pink Venom!’” – Jennie said

However, due to the noisy atmosphere, Jennie had to repeat – This time, she was sure that the other party heard!

“*screams* PLAY ‘PINK VENOM!’” – Jennie said aloud

Fans call Jennie a self-promotion queen, even when she’s partying!

Photo: Twitter

Lisa (BLACKPINK), Bae Suzy and SeoHyun (SNSD) in the same dress: Who is more luxurious?

All 3 female stars have very different vibes.

Fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving all over the world, and K-Pop fashion is no exception. Many idols can be spotted wearing similar, or even identical, outfits for official schedules and in their own personal style as trends come and go. This happened to  BLACKPINK  ‘s  Lisa ,  Girls’ Generation  ‘s  Seohyun , and singer-actor  Bae Suzy !

Lisa BLACKPINK | @lalalalisa_m / Instagram

Bae Suzy

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

All three of these stars are dressed in  Pinkong  ‘s  P-SP-WBTOP style . It currently retails for ₩9.80 million KRW (approximately $7,560 USD).

Photo: KB

Photo: KB

Bae Suzy wears this outfit as the Outstanding Ambassador of the luxury watch brand  Longines .

Her look was paired with a simple pair of silver earrings and two different Longines watches. She completely mastered the image of luxury, befitting her title of ambassador.

Photo: KB

Photo: KB

Seohyun wore this dress when she appeared on Arena Homme+ October 2022 Korean version.

The backless dress showed off Seohyun’s delicate lines. She paired her look with a simple pair of silver earrings, just like Suzy!

Photo: KB

Photo: KB

Lisa wore this dress for  BVGARI ‘s Magnifica High Jewelry event  in Korea.


Throughout the ad, she wears several necklaces and bracelets featured in the  Magnifica line , including the line’s tiara,  Mediterranean Queen , which is worth over $1.5 million!

Photo: KB

All of these queens rocked the dress in their own way, but which style do you love the most?