When the contract for the 7 Galacticos runs out, who will President Perez keep?

Real dominate Europe with a framework that has played together for so many years.

According to El Confidencial, Carlo Ancelotti’s team now has 7 members and has one year left on their contract. They are Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Nacho Fernandez, Dani Ceballos, Marco Asensio, and Mariano Diaz. Karim Benzema is also among them.

The first four names on the list above are safe, this source confirmed. President Florentino Perez pledges them to the future at the Bernabeu. However, nobody is certain what will happen for the remainder of summer 2022 with Ceballos, Asensio, and Diaz. 


The Champions League triumph in 2021/22 has given Real’s veterans a spirit of perseverance. Kroos, Casemiro, and Modric, for instance, have been playing as a unit since 2014. But up to this point, everyone has stayed on task and always found something new in one another.

President Perez therefore plans to keep both Kroos and Modric. Case of Kroos is simpler. In actuality, Real want to give Kroos a lengthier contract extension.

Simply said, Kroos doesn’t want his past to hinder the Royal squad. When he no longer feels inspired or capable of contributing, he will go. The “Prince” of German football will shortly renew his contract with Real thanks to a stellar performance last season, if not this summer then next.


With Modric, it is difficult for a player to play in the midfield position and be active until he is 37 years old. Keep in mind that Real Madrid has the strictest elimination policies in the world.

Nevertheless, Modric’s strong showing in the previous campaign nevertheless contributed to his acquire the respect of the Real elite. It is anticipated that President Perez would award Modric a new one-year deal.


Benzema will undoubtedly continue to be trusted. The new White Vulture has lost the French striker after a stellar performance in the 2021/22 season and on the road to winning the 2022 Golden Ball championship. Real’s decision to extend Benzema’s contract, maybe without the necessity for a separate discussion.

The hash age pillars keep “taking the test of the liver and the moon” with an extremely stable performance. That invisible medium has hindered the development of young players. As a result, the duo Ceballos – Asensio (both 26 years old) and Mariano Diaz (29 years old) did not have much acting space, and are now in danger of being liquidated.


Benito Floro, who was Real’s last sporting director during Perez’s first term as president, revealed: “At Real, there is no one standard.”

The former official added: “The Real board always pays attention to the achievements of the players, their legitimate needs, and has references to stars in the same position in other clubs. The recent Champions League victory proves that age and experience are a positive value for Real.”

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