Where does Real stand in the list of ‘paradise’ for young players?

The average age of Real Madrid youngsters ranks third over the previous ten years among the top 42 European teams.

Since 2010, the average age of players bought by Real is 23.54. In terms of youth, this figure is only behind Bayer Leverkusen (23.38) and Borussia Dortmund (25.51).


Real’s reason to become a paradise for young players is thanks to the policy of buying from when the talents are still at the “young bamboo” level. Such players include Ozil (joined at the age of 21), Canales (19), Varane (18), Casemiro (21), Carvajal (21), Isco (21), Lucas Silva (21), Kovacic (21). ), Vallejo (18), Asensio (19), Theo Hernández (19), Ceballos (20), Vinicius (18), Brahim (19), Lunin (19), Odegaard (16), Jovic (21), Militao ( 21), Rodrygo (18), Soro (20) and Kubo (18). Of these, many players have become mainstays, or sold for a large amount of money.


Leverkusen is at the top of the list because to continuous revitalization. Leno (19), Bellarabi (21), Vidal (21), Milik (19), Son Heung-min (20), Emre Can (19), Julian Brandt (17), and Calhanoglu are all present at this location ( 20).


Like Jadon Sancho (17), Dembele (19), Isak (17), Weigl (19), Gundogan (20), Kagawa (21) and Lewandowski (21) before them, Dortmund is renowned for serving as a successful launching pad for players.

While the top three teams are Leverkusen, Dortmund, and Real, many other major clubs prioritize older players. Barca is ranked 25, Man Utd is ranked 11, while Arsenal is ranked 15.


The list was compiled by CIES, a football research body based in Switzerland, based on a survey of 42 clubs from Europe’s top five leagues (England Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1).

In the Top 10, Bundesliga clubs dominate with five representatives. Next is France with three representatives. The remaining two positions belong to Spain (Real) and England (Liverpool).

The 10 clubs with the youngest rookies on average over the previous ten years

Bayer Leverkusen: 23,38

Borussia Dortmund: 23,51

Real Madrid: 23,54

Hoffenheim: 23,99

Mönchengladbach: 24,14

Werder Bremen: 24,45

Toulouse: 24,45

Lille: 24,48

Nice: 24,56

Liverpool: 24,61 

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