Which Member Is The Richest In Blackpink?

According to net worth statistics, Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo earn millions of dollars from Instagram, music products and contracts with CHANEL, Bulgari, Tiffany, Dior,

BLACKPINK  is the third generation K-pop girl group signed with YG Entertainment in Korea in 2016. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are 4 members of this group, debuted with the single album Square One, including hits like “Whistle” and “Boombayah.”


BLACKPINK, one of K-pop’s most successful global girl groups ever, has announced their return to the music scene this August. This is the first official comeback since  The Album  in 2020. From artistic activities, ambassadors for high-end brands, to profits from  Instagram and YouTube,… BLACKPINK’s income is estimated at 62 million dollars. But who owns the most “huge” fortune in the IT-Girl association of ginseng? Based on Celebrity Net Worth figures, let’s take a look back at the multi-million dollar empire the four members have built for themselves since its launch in 2016.

Note: Figures are as of June 2022.

Jennie – 10 million USD

There are many rumors about  Jennie’s “silver spoon” identity. According to the South China Morning Post, her mother is said to be a shareholder and has a large position in CJ E&M, one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea. But with her talent and relentless training, Jennie managed to earn her own income from being a trainee when she was 14 years old.


In addition to the group’s activities,  Jennie  is the first member of BLACKPINK to go solo with the hit  Solo  in 2018. The hit single has surpassed 300 million views on Spotify in July 2021 and 800 million views on YouTube. in March. Besides the title “Human Chanel”, she is also the face of  Calvin Klein, cosmetics brand Hera, Samsung Galaxy,ʀChumchurum. Jennie also collaborated with eyewear brand  Gentle Monster  in projects and collections such as Jentle Home and Jentle Garden. According to Ace Bed Korea, the value of each J’s deal is estimated at up to $800,000.


Lisa – 14 million USD

The youngest member of the group created a trend with the songs  Lalisa and Money  in 2021. MV Lalisa  became the most viewed music video on YouTube within the first 24 hours with 74 million views, breaking the previous record. by MV Me! – Taylor Swift with 65 million views in 2019. With 573 million streams, it is also the most streamed K-pop album in Spotify history.

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Lisa  also appeared on TV shows such as  Real ᴍᴀɴ 300  and  Youth With You. She has collaborated with  Prada, and is a prestigious ambassador of three brands  Celine, Bulgari and cosmetics MAC. Thailand’s home market cannot be forgotten with a campaign for the country’s largest mobile phone group – AIS.

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According to Korean media channels, the cost of each deal with Lisa is not less than 5 figures, estimated at least 300,000 USD for each performance and 600,000 USD for the ambassador contract. As the most followed K-pop star on Instagram at the time of writing, the beauty of the golden temple has earned up to 200,000 USD for each PR post.

Rose – 18 million USD

In 2020, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK officially became the global brand ambassador of Yves Saint Laurent. As of June 2021, she has accumulated 1.85 billion brand impressions and created a media value of $56 million. In total,  Rosé shared nearly 60 Instagram posts to Saint Laurent, each post bringing in around 32 million impressions with an average value of $980,000.


The Australian Rose had a great year in 2021 when it was selected as a global ambassador for  Tiffany & Co. and launched his personal music career with the single “R”. About Tiffany & Co., as of June 2021, Rosé has accumulated 578 million brand impressions and created a media value of $17.4 million. In total, she shared 16 Instagram posts related to Tiffany & Co., each post bringing in about 36 million impressions and an average of $1.1 million.


Jisoo – 20 million USD

BLACKPINK’s oldest sister got her first female lead role last year in  Snowdrop. The film made her a rising star in the Korean film industry. No wonder  Jisoo is the highest earner in the group up to now. As of March 2021, Jisoo is officially welcomed as the new global brand ambassador of  Dior.


As of June 2021, she accumulated 2.15 billion impressions for the brand and generated a media value of $64.8 million. In total, Jisoo shared 71 Instagram posts with Dior, which means that each post brings in about 30 million impressions and an average of 910,000 USD. It is known that before BLACKPINK’s debut, Jisoo appeared in advertisements for LG, Nikon and Samsonite. After that, she became an ambassador for  Dior Beauty  in 2019, cosmetics  Kiss Me, and recently as a global ambassador of high-end jewelry brand Cartier.


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