Who is behind the accusation of causing environmental pollution for Taylor Swift?

Recently, a series of media simultaneously reported that Kris Jenner has leaked a complete list of artists who use their private jets the most, including Taylor Swift.

The not-so-good relationship between the country music princess Taylor Swift and the Kardashian drama empire is no stranger to the European and American community. Thought this relationship would end when Kim Kardashian had just divorced Kanye West, Kris Jenner – Kim’s mother and manager was exposed that she was the one who fueled the fire in Taylor Swift’s recent accusations. .


Although they have encountered each other many times in big events, the relationship of Taylor and the Kardashian family has never been good.

Specifically, recently, Kylie Jenner – the popular IT girl of the US social network was vehemently condemned for using a private jet to travel for a flight that only lasted 10 minutes. After Kylie’s incident, there continued to be a series of names exposed, including her “snake queen” Taylor Swift.


Both celebs are accused of causing air pollution.

It won’t be worth talking about until an account has posted that it was Kris Jenner who leaked information and data about Taylor’s flights to point the public’s nose at her to protect her. his daughter Kylie. The credibility of the post was further enhanced when her daughter – Khloé Kardashian liked this post implicitly affirming that this information is completely grounded.


A Kardashian fan account posted a tik tok clip joking about Kris revealing Taylor’s secrets and getting a like from Khloé.


Having a naughty daughter or teasing her mother like Khloé must be a headache for Kris.

Many argue that this is the familiar way of handling the media of the Kardashian family and is also the reason why this family’s status is increasing despite being entangled in many controversies, big and small.


Despite being a rather noisy family, there is no denying their certain influence in the entertainment and business circles.

It is known that the owner of the hit song “You Belong With Me” leads the list of 10 celebrities with the most CO2-emitting aircraft (according to YARD – a marketing company based in New York). Her plane has released a total of 8,293 tons of CO2 into the air with a total of 170 flights since January. Although her manager has clarified that the above allegations are unfounded by Taylor regularly. lent the plane to others, but she herself did not use it too much. However, the country music princess is still facing a wave of backlash from environmentalists.

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