Who Rocked ‘Backless’ Fashion Trend Best? Jennie, Jeon Somi, Lisa!

The backless outfit is back as a fashion trend this summer! Following the popular "underboob" clothes, this style is indeed currently one of the crowd's favorites including Jennie, Somi, Solar, and more!




Jennie, once again, established her status as a trendsetter after she brought back backless fashion to the K-pop scene.

Without a doubt, she’s always ahead of the fashion trends as prior to its popularity from late May to June, she already showcased the style in April when she attended the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival held in Indio, California.

Her outfit is a zigzag strap-tied top, exposing her back fully. To complete her look, she matched it with formal suit pants, creating the perfect hip festival look.

2. MAMAMOO Solar


Solar, a member of MAMAMOO also gained attention for flaunting her flawless back by wearing a halter-neck style backless mini dress.

Her long waist-length hair, knee-high boots, and layered jewelry match perfectly to reveal her sexy side.

3. (G)I-DLE Soyeon



When Soyeon went to Germany for a K-pop concert, she sent fans into a frenzy after showcasing a dizzying backless outfit.

As an idol with a confident and honest character, the boldness of the styling that reveals her black bra top is also on the wall!

4. Jeon Somi


On May 9, Jeon Somi shared her photo wearing a backless white blouse! While most long sleeves outfits may appear “boring” for summer, the female star created a hip look by adding strap details as if wearing lingerie.

The young fashion trendsetter also appealed to the MZ generation by completing her look with denim pants.

 can match denim pants like her or cargo pants that are loved by the MZ generation these days.




Lisa in a black long dress truly looks stunning!

Even without jewelry and with just a casual ball cap, Lisa was able to grace the fashion scene with her elegance with a lean silhouette black dress with cutting details on both shoulders and waistline.

6. Sunmi



Sunmi chose a halter neck top that looks like it’s tied tightly behind her back.

It’s a sensual item in the world, but a picture-like flower pattern creates a romantic mood.

7. Girls’ Generation Choi Sooyoung



Choi Sooyoung, a member of the girl group Girls’ Generation, wore a backless dress for the photoshoot.

Despite the poor lighting of the photo, the high quality of the female idol’s sexy yet elegant visual as well as flawless back can’t be hidden.

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