Why Arsenal made an unprecedented proposal to avoid being ‘cursed’ by fans?

Midfielder Granit Xhaka has proposed to Arsenal management to allow fans to watch the team practice after receiving much criticism in previous seasons.

Granit Xhaka has so far had seven seasons with Arsenal, he used to be the captain of the club but his relationship with the Gooners has never been smooth. Even Xhaka intended to leave Arsenal in 2019 after a draw with Crystal Palace.

Specifically, when the Swiss midfielder was substituted in the 61st minute, he threw the captain’s armband towards Aubameyang instead of simply giving it. Xhaka was then booed by the fans and he did not hesitate to shout “Shut up” and walk straight into the tunnel with an annoyed look on his face. It was these actions that made Xhaka no longer awarded the captain’s armband and he also planned to leave Arsenal that summer.


However, when coach Mikel Arteta took over at Arsenal, he tried to convince Xhaka to stay and to this day, the Swiss midfielder remains an important part of the team. “I almost left but it was Arteta who convinced me to stay,” said Xhaka. Arteta told me to give him six months and if I still want to leave, the management will help me find a new team.”


Xhaka himself is also very eager to regain a good image in the eyes of Arsenal fans. At the end of last season, the midfielder had an interesting proposal to the team’s leadership. He wants Arsenal to be able to open the training ground so that the fans can watch the team practice once a week. Xhaka shared: “Many people don’t see Arsenal’s training process so they think the team doesn’t work hard.


The fans only watched us play 90 minutes and didn’t understand what the team had to go through. That’s why I suggested to the management that we should show the fans how we train. Let them see that the players don’t go to the training ground to waste time, that the players really care about every first game. Aaron Ramsdale and I couldn’t sleep after a loss. I was very sad and disappointed when I heard people say ‘You guys don’t give your all for the club, you’re like this,’ ‘That’s bullshit.


However, in the Premier League, clubs are not allowed to allow fans to watch training sessions, except for a few special occasions in the pre-season period. This is in contrast to the Bundesliga, the tournament that Granit Xhaka once attended, fans in Germany are allowed to enter the training ground to watch the players and each such training session often attracts thousands of people to watch.

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