Why is BLACKPINK’s comeback with ‘Ready For Love’ not as explosive as before?

Coming back after almost 2 years of absence, but "Ready For Love" by  Blackpink  is not really as explosive as their previous products, why?

Coming back after almost 2 years of absence, but “Ready For Love” by  Blackpink  is not really as explosive as their previous products, why?


Blackpink is back with a new MV. Photo: CMH.

Blackpink’s “Ready For Love” MV has been officially released. The song has a vibrant, catchy melody and the MV Ready For Love  image impresses with its spectacular effects, the virtual character is quite realistic.

As of the afternoon of July 30, the MV Ready for Love has surpassed 18 million views and received 2.7 million likes on Blackpink’s YouTube channel. On  social networks, keywords related to  Ready For Love as well as Blackpink are also top trending, attracting many discussions and shares.


However, compared to Blackpink’s previous achievements when releasing “How You Like That”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU…”, “Ready For Love” compared to the growth rate of views, the explosion on social networks, and the media. far behind. What is the reason?

Ready For Love was revealed before

Compared to other hits,  Ready For Love is a previously leaked track, Specifically,  Ready For Love is not included in any of Blackpink’s albums and it appeared in their Netflix documentary in 2020.


The song when released won the hearts of fans with the girls’ addictive melody and unmatched vocals.

This is just a “paddle” song.

Ready For Love is not considered the official debut product of the group in the comeback plan after 2 years of absence from Kpop. Because this is the MV Ready For Love is a product combined with PUBG Mobile. Meanwhile, the group’s official album is expected to be released in August.


Therefore, Ready For Love is also just a “pavement” product for Blackpink’s comeback.

Ready For Love uses “virtual characters”

The use of virtual characters in MV Ready For Love is considered an idea from  PUBG Mobile to match the product they want to promote to the audience.


However, using virtual characters makes many viewers think that Blackpink’s new MV is somewhat similar to aespa (this rookie group also debuted with a product with virtual characters).

This makes it easy for many viewers to think that Blackpink is going in the direction of aespa.

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