Why Is Rosé (Blackpink) Increasingly Sҽxγ?

Since the beginning of the year, 4 Blackpink members have participated in countless international events, and every time they appear, the female idols have caused a “storm” in the media, radio, and social networks.

Recently, Rosé’s sҽxγ appearance, praised as “beautiful like a goddess” at the LACMA Film and Art Gala, is one of the most impressive red carpet landings.

In particular, Rosé attended the event silently without warning. But looking at the media effects and public reviews, it can be seen that Rosé’s bold sҽxγ image has conquered the audience.

Blackpink pursues a sҽxγ style

The cut-out dress designed by Saint Laurent specifically for Rosé is surprising because it is one of the most sҽxγ designs of this brand that the main vocalist Blackpink has ever worn.

However, the fact that Rosé or Blackpink members wear “open” is not too strange in recent years.

At many domestic and international events, the 4 female idols many times caused “storms” with tight, cut-out outfits, showing off their figure and bσdγcurves.

On social networks, Blackpink also did not hesitate to share photos of everyday life in “less fabric” outfits. Especially Jennie, she often wears crop tops, two-piece tops, bσdγdresses… Even, Jennie is also an advertising model for the famous lingerie brand Calvin Klein.

Not only personal style, Blackpink’s performance costumes are equally bold. 4 female idols often wear sҽxγ performance outfits, short skirts, even pants that rҽvҽal their breasts.

Even during the ongoing global tour, Blackpink did not hesitate to wear extremely short skirts to rҽvҽal protective pants, or wear crop tops, strapless bras, camisoles showing off their body.

Blackpink’s sҽxγ fashion style is similar to the color of girl-crush music, the strong female confidence that the group pursues. In the two newly released MVs “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down”, the “violent” and sҽxγ styles have been actively promoted by Blackpink.

On the other hand, the Korean public is increasingly open about the issue of idols’ clothing. The majority of young audiences today are no longer too strict but have caught up with the modern trend, the “Europeanized” style of the idol world.

After 6 years of operation, although the initial phase was controversial, but later, Blackpink’s unique and sҽxγ style was gradually accepted.

The status of the global ambassador of Saint Laurent 

For Rosé, she began to define her own style full of liberal and subtly “rock&roll” since becoming the global ambassador of high-end fashion brand Saint Laurent (YSL).

Throughout Saint Laurent’s more than 60-year history, Rosé is the first global ambassador. She was asked by creative director, designer Anthony Vaccarello, to become her “muse”.

Saint Laurent is known as a “feminist” brand with slim girls who defy all gҽndҽr norms.Saint Laurent fashion embodies the image of bold, free and strong women.

Menswear with personality or sҽxγ designs, not afraid to cut sharply to show off the curves, female beauty is the ideal Saint Laurent pursues.

According to designer Anthony Vaccarello, from style, lifestyle or body, Rosé is in tune with the spirit of Saint Laurent. Her slim figure is also a favorite image of the French fashion house for a long time.

In advertising campaigns, or on magazine covers, Rosé has repeatedly shown the sҽxγ side and characteristic personality of the brand.

At fashion events, the global ambassador is also taken care of by Saint Laurent, so Rosé’s sҽxγ dress has gradually become a familiar image.

After more than 2 years of officially accompanying Anthony Vaccarello, Rosé was recognized as the embodiment of Saint Laurent. Over time, the boldness of the clothes she wears has also increased.

At the recent Paris fashion week, Rosé caused a global storm with 2 designs that thoroughly showed off her curves. And to the LACMA event, once again, Rosé completely conquered the public with a sҽxγ image.