Why is Vinicius going to be the decisive factor in the Super Cup match?

The Brazilian will be among Helsinki's top attractions.

One of the stars in the UEFA Super Cup in Finland will be Vinicius Junior. not just of the sport, but also of football in Europe.

With Real Madrid, Vinicius entered the premier division last season, and Carlo Ancelotti’s faith in him was evident from the very first practice.Vinicius had a successful year after three seasons in which doubts outweighed the moments of brilliance.


Vinicius, though, is 22 years old and has experienced criticism. Now it’s his turn to act responsibly. 

The Brazilian has completed this procedure without the aid of a psychologist. Not because he doubts it, but because he believed he had the inner power to turn the doubts and ferocity of the criticism into what he sees on the field now. 

Vinicius is an advanced individual

The Brazilian was elevated to a new level among the Champions League players after his goal against Liverpool at Saint-Denis. This journey’s high point thus far has been Real Madrid’s participation in another European Super Cup.


He sat on the sidelines the whole game in Tallinn against Atletico Madrid four years ago. The competitive level Madrid required from Julen Lopetegui was evident.

Vinicius is back in the Super Cup right now. But he does it in a different reality. The youngster who had to demonstrate that the price Real Madrid spent for him was not insane has already put an end to that argument. 


The most emphatic response is the goal that gave Los Blancos their 14th Champions League victory. There is more, though, as he finished the previous campaign with 21 further goals, 16 additional assists, and a connection with Karim Benzema that caused chaos wherever they went. 

Greater demand

Since May 28, nothing for him has been the same as a result of what he performed last season, with the goal against Liverpool serving as the crowning achievement.

He noticed this while on vacation, when he noticed that his popularity was much higher than it had been. And his brand appeal has increased to the point that he is now among the footballers with the greatest influence over brands.


Additionally, this is not simply another season. Because this is his first World Cup of his career. No one now questions that the Real Madrid player will be among those Tite selects to travel to Qatar. 

Vinicius also wants to sew the fifth star on the Brazil jersey. He was not quite two years old the last time the Selecao took the world by storm.


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