Why you can’t hate BLACKPINK according to music critic: ‘If you don’t like them, you’re not human’

Music critic Kim Young Dae gave his opinion on the appeal of BLACKPINK.

Recently famous Korean music critic  Kim Young Dae  participated in an interview. In it, he gave his opinion and assessment of a series of famous K-pop artists including  BTS, IU, BLACKPINK, Taemin, Taeyeon, NCT, Red Velvet, DAY6, LOONA , and  TXT. Kim Young Dae  pointed out the charm of each artist, and in which the review of  BLACKPINK  became a hot topic on the Korean online forum.


Right from the beginning, the critic  Kim Young Dae  had a half-joking, half-truth, but partly confirmed that he highly appreciated the group’s charisma. He said:  ‘Whoever hates them  is probably not human *laughs*’.


Although this opening sentence is considered to be a bit ‘brain shock’, after hearing the reasons of  Kim Young Dae , Knet found that he did not say anything wrong. Let’s see what the critics  Kim  gave.




‘They have a lot of charm in one group’


‘They are very swag, have a very confident demeanor’


‘They are also cute and adorable’


‘They sing and dance well’


‘Their image is also great’


‘If you don’t have a problem, it’s hard not to like the group’





In the comments section, many Knets agreed that if it’s just  BLACKPINK , there’s no reason to hate the group. This top K-pop girl group possesses many elements from visuals and talents to the charisma of each member’s unique personality. Knet said that the biggest reason that hinders them from liking  BLACKPINK  is… they come from YG – a company that has too many scandals that are ‘not pretty’ in Knet’s eyes.

Some comments from Knet:

– I’m not really a fan of the group, but I like BLACKPINK and enjoy listening to their songs. They are beautiful and talented, is there any reason to hate them??

-If I had to choose one reason why I don’t like BLACKPINK, the only reason would be their company president…

– The only drawback of BLACKPINK is the  too bad image  of the agency YG… and the group doesn’t have much content for fans anymore ㅠㅠ

– The only problem with BLACKPINK is the president of their company .

-There’s no reason to hate them ㅋㅋ They sing well, rap well, dance well, pretty and talented

– Except for the fact that they are YG’s “chicken”, BLACKPINK is good, beautiful, and has a great performance.

-The BLACKPINK members are all attractive, pretty, and talented so I don’t think there’s any reason to hate them ㅋㅋㅋ

-But I really like BLACKPINK because I can see how confident and personable they are ㅠㅠ Except for their agency, the members are all perfect and lovely people.

– We just might not like the group, but there’s no reason to hate the group.

– BLACKPINK’s biggest obstacle is just because they have the YG label.

On the contrary, when reading Knet’s comments, there are many Kpop fans who think that although YG may not be good, they cannot deny the importance of this company or see YG as an ‘obstacle’ to the group. They said that  BLACKPINK  could only come to this success because the 4 members were trained and oriented by the company and turned on thanks to the music of YG’s production team.

And you, do you agree with the opinion ‘There is no reason to hate BLACKPINK’? Please share your opinion.

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