Will Jisoo Continue To Be ‘Uпfαirly Trҽαtҽd’ By YG In The Upcoming Comeback?

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is a versatile and influential female idol today in K-pop. Not only singing, the beauties of YG Entertainment also encroached on fashion, acting, hosting and advertising. This is the result of the effort and boldness of the eldest sister BLACKPINK

As one of the most influential female idols today, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is loved by many audiences. However, YG Entertainment treated her superficially, making fans angry many times.

Recently, BLACKPINK had a collaboration project with Rolling Stone magazine. In addition to the group photos, the members also have their own covers with their individual colors, making fans extremely excited.


However, when it was the turn of Jisoo’s personal cover to be published, YG Entertainment delayed posting it on the official Twitter account BLACKPINKOFFICIAL. Meanwhile,  Jennie, Rosé and Lisa were quickly posted.


Faced with the superficiality of the company’s staff, Jisoo’s fans hung a hashtag asking YG Entertainment to take action. It wasn’t until dawn on May 29 that BLACKPINKOFFICIAL’s account uploaded the female idol’s personal cover photo.


When she returned to the music race with How You Like That, Jisoo was also “forgotten” by YG Entertainment. While the rest of the group’s members all posted posters on their personal Instagram accounts, the female idol disappeared, without a single image. As usual, YG always waits for the wave of criticism to become strong before fixing it.


In SBS’s Archive K program, the  video introduction of BLACKPINK also does not have a picture of Jisoo. Originally the visual of the group, but the female idol “discolored” inexplicably, appearing only briefly in the group’s moments.


At the time of releasing the poster for the dance video for the song “Don’t Know What To Do”, Jisoo was also hidden behind Jennie while the whole song had many moments where all 4 members were visible. Or in many MVs when BLACKPINK was just released, Jisoo was the visual but she didn’t get to the thumbnail.


And yet, Jisoo’s fans expressed their disappointment with YG Entertainment. The reason is that BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has not had a personal product yet, fearing that in the upcoming tour, the female idol will not have a personal performance. Meanwhile, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have all made their solo debuts.


Many times, Jisoo was ᴜnfairly trҽatҽd by YG itself, making fans extremely angry. In the near future, BLACKPINK will release a new single in August, release the 2nd studio album in September. In particular, this MV of BLACKPINK was revealed by the management company YG Entertainment as the MV with a large investment cost. the most so far. Many people worry about whether YG is still unfair to Jisoo like in the past.


However, fans of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister may have been too worried. Before that, Jisoo also shared, “I’m not sure how much I want to solo. Music I listen to, music I can do and music I want to do – which should I choose? I love songs with lots of instruments. What do people want from me? There are a bunch of conflicting questions.

I love performing, but I don’t always enjoy being a part of the limelight. I think it’s different from the other members: They like to get in the spotlight, feel energized by the people who come to see us, and then get a little depressed when the stage is over and the silence will be. arrive. I’m a little different. When I’m on stage, I think about not making mistakes. Performance is sometimes more of a test than something really fun.”


It cannot be denied that, at the time of debut, Jisoo suffered a lot when she had few singing lines, limited screen time, and was much inferior to the rest of the members. However, at the present time, the oldest sister BLACKPINK has a solid foothold and better coverage.

Jisoo is currently the Global Ambassador of Dior and Cartier, two of the top luxury brands in the world. Besides, she also holds many other valuable advertising contracts. Not only that, Jisoo also encroached on the field of hosting and acting.


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