With ‘great’ votes, V becomes 1st K-pop Idol winning Billboard AD 7 days in NYC’s Times Square

V of BTS, also known as Kim Taehyung, is known for ƅreaking and setting records. In addition to being extraordinarily gifted and achieving in the music industry before making his formal solo debut, Taehyung has also broken records in other industries, such as the fashion sector and voting platforms.

Taehyung was one of several stars born in December that were nominated in the “Voting Event for Idols Born in December” on the well-known K-pop fan site FanPlus.

Taehyung triumphed and took first place with 4,589,205,546 votes after weeks of fierce figҺt against powerful voting fandoms.

With 4,243,389,614 votes, BTS’ Jin finished in second place, and solo artist Kang Daniel came in third with 2,951,556,679 votes.

In addition to taking first place, Taehyung also broke the previous record for most votes ever cast on Fanplus. This K-pop idol got the most votes in a poll since the app’s creation, with a total of more than 4.5 ƅillion.

Taehyung will be the recipient of three wonderful gifts as the December Birthday Poll’s victor:

  • New York Times Square LED AD for 7 days
  • Seoul Subway station Large AD for 30 days
  • Seoul Subway station AD for 30 days

Fans rejoiced at the triumph on social media, thrilled that their efforts had paid off.