With only a small action, RM made his juniors extremely respectful and remember forever

The test is based on BTS’s most recent release of the song and dance to “Run BTS.”

Few people can execute the difficult choreography. The primary dancers from each junior HYBE group were sent out to take part in the dance challenge. Seoyeon was dispatched by fromis 9, Niki and Jungwon by ENHYPEN, Yeonjun by TXT, and Hoshi by SEVENTEEN. Haerin and Minji from NewJeans covered it, while LE SSERAFIM accomplished it all.

RM then played a song from each group while thanking his juniors for coming. To further support the promotion of the organizations, he posted the proof images on his Instagram.

Not to mention, he streamed his own song as well!

He quickly attracted notoriety for his kind act by “streaming in return.” He was also pushed to take part in the dancing competitions amongst the various groups by many supporters.

  • “He’s so cute for streaming in return LOL”
  • “Let’s go, “HYPE BOY” challenge!!!”
  • “Reading all the BTS posts on the Һot issues page make me realize why people like them.”
  • “Ha, so cute LOL”
  • “Kim Namjoon is f*cking cute LOL Namjoon-ah, please do challenges in return too!!”

Given his dancing abilities, fans of other bands would enjoy watching him perform!

TXT, SEVENTEEN, and other HYBE artists get shoutouts from BTS’ RM, who fans refer to as Robert Downey Jr.

BTS appears to be preparing for a full-fledged advertising campaign for their Һit song “Run BTS” off their most recent album, “Proof.” The members started a Run BTS challenge where a hook choreography is being covered by fans and artists alike after they debuted a new choreography at the Busan concert in October and its subsequent release of a dance practice video that has received over 18 million views.

On November 16, RM posted a series of tales on Instagram in which he praised the music of other HYBE musicians. Beginning with LE SSERAFIM’s Impurities, he later demonstrated his preference for the popular song NewJeans’ Hype Boy, which he was recently spotted dancing to. Then he continued with 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You), a song he co-wrote for TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Following that came SEVENTEEN’s Darling, which made both acts’ fans happy, and then fromis 9’s DM. He added blue, red, and purple hearts to BTS’s very own Run BTS to round out the list.

The one band he hadn’t previously mentioned was ENHYPEN, whose album Upper Side Dream appeared to be his favorite, on November 17.

Fans believe Huh Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM, who allegedly belonged to the BTS ARMY and operated a fan account, and Hyein of NewJeans, who used to be a member of the ‘purple blooded’ group because RM liked their songs, must have experienced a huge moment. Furthermore, they asserted that Robert Downey Jr., who would assemble the MCU cast and be omnipresent, was represented by RM.

Run the BTS test The other performers from HYBE started uploading their own renditions of the Run BTS dance after BTS’ J-Hope, Jimin, and SUGA. LE SSERAFIM was the first artist to promote the tune, followed by Yeonjun from TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Minji and Haerin from NewJean, Jungwon and Ni-Ki from ENHYPEN, and Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.

The dance was then covered by BTS member Maknae Jungkook, and V released a video of himself dancing to it.