With Only Scanned Photos, Jimin Also Trended #1 Globally, Making Fans Go Crazy

BTS's Jimin draws attention to himself and stands out for his unmatched vocals and choreography, as well as impeccable beauty.

He especially stands out for his contrasting facial contours, giving him a sexy standard body with perfect proportions that makes him look like a supermodel, while his face has soft features. , delicate with beautiful and clear skin.


Any picture of Jimin is always a visual feast for anyone and this is exactly what happened when his scanned photos from BTS Merch box #8 photobook were released.


These are also photos from the photo shoot that Jimin had during his Weverse magazine interview , through which he talked about his next career chapter, wanting to come up with something “mature, clear and more rudimentary about himself”.


The photos in the photo book have left fans gaping at Jimin’s handsome and ethereal beauty.


In fact, Jimin was even mentioned in the list of “sҽxγ male beauties who are heating up the summer”, according to a Korean media report last month.


Just like the release of the interview and photo book, the release of a scan on August 15 from the same photo book caused a similar reaction from fans.


They couldn’t hold back their emotions when they saw how breathtakingly handsome Jimin looked in the scan and they couldn’t stop admiring and praising the idol.


Jimin caught on to worldwide trends and quickly rose to the top. He became a hot topic in different corners of the world immediately with his impeccable “visual”.


Upon seeing such content and how Jimin talks about his future direction when starting his solo career, fans are interested and excited to see what kind of content or concept he will take on in the future. hybrid, both musically and visually.

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