Woman’s touching tattoo tribute to dog leaves makes thousand of people in tears

Losing a pet is a terrible feeling, but one woman who was devastated after her dog passed away found a beautiful way to honor her. Anna, a devoted pet owner, got a tattoo inspired by her pitbull Storm after the animal died in her arms.

The heartfelt tribute helped to console the owner, who had people in tears after sharing the story behind her ink. Anna posted a video to TikTok as @garbage.bird explaining why she has two small line tattoos, one on each ear. “Why did you get those lines tattooed on your ears? And why don’t the ears match?” reads onscreen text at the start of the video, which also includes photos of Anna’s face from both sides.

Anna got two small tattoos (Image: garbage.bird/TikTok)

One on each ear (Image: garbage.bird/TikTok)

In one image, a downward-facing arrow, resembling a floppy ear, can be seen on Anna’s own ear. She then displays an arrow pointing in the opposite direction on her other side. The video then cuts to a photo of Anna’s beloved dog, who had similar ears. “Because hers didn’t match,” explains the owner.

She goes on: “And now, even though she’s gone, a part of her lives on in me. Storm, I will always love you.”

Anna adds further insight in a comment: “Storm died in my arms on October 12th, after a long bɑttlе with cɑn.cеr. Everyone who met her adored her.”

She chose the design (Image: garbage.bird/TikTok)

In tribute to her dog (Image: garbage.bird/TikTok)

The video quickly went viral, garnering over five million likes and thousands of comments from people who wanted to express their condolences to Anna.

According to one response: “It’s both sad and sweet at the same time. I am deeply saddened by your loss.” “What a sweet tribute to your soul dog,” someone else said. “This is so beautiful,” said another.

Several commenters said Anna’s video moved them to tears. “I’m in tears. She is always keeping an eye on you, “one person stated “I’m not crying, you’re crying,” a second person said. Meanwhile, another person responded: “This has completely destroyed me. I’m sending you lots of love and light.”