WOW: Jennie (Blackpink) had a very sеcгеt tattoo

When knowing about Jennie's secret tattoo, many viewers felt sorry that she removed it.

Tattooed K-Pop idols are not uncommon, there are even many idols who own a lot of tattoos and most of them have special meanings. However, the Black Pink members do not seem to be interested in this when the girls have never revealed tattoos. But it turns out that Jennie has a tattoo in the past.


Before  debut with Black Pink in 2016, Jennie used to have a temporary tattoo on her wrist, the phrase “Stay strong” written stylized into a beautiful pattern. Everyone knows that Jennie as well as the Black Pink members have had to go through many years of extremely difficult trainees and have to work hard if they don’t want to be eliminated from the race.


Jennie has undergone 6 years of training with a lot of sweat and tears, there are definitely many times when she wants to give up. And the tattoo “Stay strong” is Jennie’s words to encourage herself, to remind herself not to give up, not to give up on dreams but to try to the end. It was thanks to that determination that Jennie was chosen to debut with Black Pink and become the famous girl she is today.


By the time of her debut, Jennie had removed this tattoo, but she still remembers it and always reminds herself to be strong. Jennie has faced many difficulties and obstacles such as the fact that Black Pink can’t come back forever, criticism and disparagement do not stop pouring down, but she still encourages herself to overcome it all.

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