Xavi makes a ‘meaningful statement’ amid the tension between Barca and De Jong

The relationship between the Dutch midfielder and the host team is deteriorating after the Barca leadership gave him an ultimatum. 

The relationship between the Dutch midfielder and the host team is deteriorating after the Barca leadership gave him an ultimatum. 

A few hours ago, “drama” Barca – De Jong continued to have a very unexpected development when journalist David Ornstein of The Athletic revealed that President Joan Laporta was considering suing to cancel the contract that the midfielder had signed. The Dutch signed with the old Board of Directors headed by former President Bartomeu.


The view from the top floor of Spotify Camp Nou (the new name of Camp Nou since the 2022/23) season is very clear: Frenkie de Jong can only accept a salary reduction after the current contract is cancelled. quit and perform the contract in January 2019 to stay at Barcelona or he will be sold, even at risk of being responsible for the old management.

Currently, De Jong and the player’s representative born in 1997 have not made any moves related to the shocking information mentioned above. It is known that Barcelona sent a letter to De Jong’s side from mid-July to inform them of finding a mistake in the contract, but then the two sides continued to discuss.


In the midst of a tense relationship between Barca and De Jong, coach Xavi Hernandez also had a meaningful statement about the future of the former young Ajax Amsterdam star. “I don’t know what will happen to Frenkie. Until August 31, anything can happen,” the former famous midfielder told TV3 when asked if De Jong would leave the Catalan giants this summer. “He knows what I think and what the club wants and needs. Of course I’m counting on Frenkie, he’s a great player.”


Still according to David Ornstein, Chelsea has not yet sent an official offer to buy De Jong to Barcelona, ​​but billionaire Todd Boehly’s team is ready to pay the entire Blaugrana salary owed to the Dutch midfielder if he joins Stamford Bridge. . Meanwhile, the Global Footballers Association (FIFPRO) is also said to be closely following developments surrounding De Jong’s story at Barcelona.


Spanish media revealed that the 25-year-old midfielder is extremely disappointed with Barca’s treatment of him, especially compatriot Jordi Cruyff. One newspaper commented: “From confusion and suffering , De Jong is gradually turning into a state of despair .” There is even a source that the Dutch star and his associates are planning to reveal their entire story, “playing cards” with Barca one last time.


On MXH, two opposing opinions about De Jong’s case are breaking out and there is no end. One side criticized the 25-year-old midfielder for not coming to Man United soon and “peaceful” like Laporta’s advice, and then had to suffer the consequences for the time being. The other side sympathizes with De Jong’s love for the club, and strongly condemns the callous action that the Barca leadership has for him.

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