Xavi personally spoke up, De Jong’s future destination is clear

The future of midfielder Frenkie de Jong at Barca fell into uncertainty throughout the summer.

The future of midfielder Frenkie de Jong at Barca fell into uncertainty throughout the summer. Not stopping there when MU also showed determination to recruit the Dutch star for a huge price of 70 million pounds. The thought that the deal was over, was the time when Blaugrana’s financial picture was revealed. 


Since then, the whole football world knows that the Dutch star’s determination not to leave Barca is just to reclaim the £22 million salary that the team still owes him. Following that incident was a series of “threats” about taking each other to court from both sides. 

However, the Red Devils’ determination to recruit De Jong is still great and recently even Chelsea have joined the race for his signature. Before the above incidents, most recently, coach Xavi spoke about De Jong’s future. 


Specifically, after a weak draw with Rayo Vallecano with a score of 0-0, the Spaniard received a question about whether the former Ajax star would go or stay this summer. In response, Xavi simply said:  “I cannot guarantee that he will leave Barca”. 

“De Jong is still an important member of the team. But honestly, I can’t say anything in the transfer market, maybe I have to wait for the future to answer this question.” – Former Spain player shared. 


Not long ago, internal sources from Catalunya suddenly revealed that De Jong told his teammates that he would leave Barca this summer. His next stop will be Manchester United – Where his former Ajax teacher Erik ten Hag is struggling to get used to the Premier League. Combining the two above information, it will not be surprising if Frenkie de Jong joins Old Trafford for the rest of the summer market.

Lewandowski has long been known as one of the world’s top-class strikers. The ability to score goals of the star born in 1988 is always rated at an excellent level. In this summer transfer window, Lewandowski left Bayern Munich to move to Barcelona. Lewy is still a quality striker, but what makes people wonder is that he will turn 34 on August 21. Age is a burden on many players and there have been suggestions that Lewandowski will decline in form.


However, sharing on Barca’s official website, Lewandowski affirmed that age is not an obstacle that can prevent him from contributing much to the Catalan team. ” Age doesn’t matter. It’s just numbers. I don’t feel like I’m 33. Physically, I’m fine. I’ve been playing at an extremely high level in my career. years ,” Lewandowski said. 

“My experience can help the rest of the players in the Barca squad play better. This club has a lot of young players with great potential. Barca’s future will certainly be brighter. Right now, everything It’s still going well and we need to show good form from the start of the season.”


At noon on August 5, local time, about 50,000 Barca fans went to the Camp Nou stadium to witness Lewandowski’s grand opening ceremony. Notably, during this ceremony, the team of president Joan Laporta also announced the official number of the Polish star’s shirt next season. Accordingly, there will be no 12 like in previous friendly matches, Lewandowski is given the number 9 shirt associated with his name. 

However, Barca’s recent decision is controversial because the number 9 is owned by Memphis Depay, the club’s top scorer last season. Explaining this issue, president Laporta said: “Lewandowski wearing the number 9 shirt was the team’s decision. We did this because of image and advertising issues. The club spoke with Depay with all sincerity. respect. He understands this too.”

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