Yeri (Red Velvet) spoke up after being accused of ‘copying’ Jennie’s style (BlackPink)

After being accused by a YouTuber of having 'Jennie's disease', Red Velvet member Yeri responded.

Recently, the controversial Youtuber channel Sojang posted a new video accusing the youngest member of the Red Velvet group Yeri of having “Jennie’s disease”. According to this YouTuber, Yeri ‘posed herself in inappropriate outfits and makeup, just to look more like Jennie’.


Youtuber Sojang released a video accusing Yeri (Red Velvet) of imitating Jennie (BlackPink).

After the above video was posted, it seems that Yeri was able to watch it. Therefore, the female idol decided to speak up to explain these allegations. On Bubble – a chat application between idols and fans, Yeri left a message:  ‘I will live the way I want. Honestly, I feel bad for people who live by putting others down like them… kekeke. Let’s focus on our own lives and go through each day with love and happiness.”


Not long after, Yeri responded.

Many netizens then expressed their agreement with Yeri’s point of view.

Some netizens’ comments:

‘Can someone take down this Youtube channel?’

‘SM, please sue this channel’

‘How many companies need to sue this channel before it disappears?’

‘Youtube is so trash now, they allow anyone to post any video as long as it has a lot of views’


Many netizens sided with Yeri in this controversy.

Sojang is a Youtube channel specializing in spreading malicious and unfounded rumors about K-Pop Idols, such as Seolhyun (AOA), Jang Wonyoung (IVE), V (BTS)… Previously, this Youtube channel was hacked by V. just name and file a lawsuit.


Yeri was born in 1999, is a famous Korean singer and actress. She is best known as the youngest member of the girl group Red Velvet. In addition, Yeri also broke into acting as the female lead in wed-drame Blue Birthday.

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