‘You’re Next, Facebook’: Elon Musk is going to buy Facebook

The subject of almost every significant American media outlet’s attention has been his aggrҽssivҽ takeover of Twitter.

This morning, Musk took the subject to a whole new level with a statement he made in passing during his most recent appearance on the right-leaning news and discussion program Rumble, hosted by conservative Sandy Batt.

To put it another way: “Are you going to ᵴuгρгιᵴҽ us and purchasҽ something else to uttҽly smash into the ground?” Totally elevated at the moment, Batt questioned her visitor.

He said, “Yeah, I have been poking around a few other firms that appear to be doing well. “Dominion. MyPillow has a partner. Facebook, of course. Zuckerberg, it’s your turn now! I’ll let all of you go!

After taking over Twitter, Musk’s first move was to dismiss a large number of employees, a move widely regarded as disastrous by experts in the field since it leaves the company with no one to operate it.

A blue checkmark was also priced at $19.99, but after criticism from renowned author Steven King, he dropped it to $8.00.

The $8.00 and Twitter’s future have already passed into obscurity.

We may all soon be paying $12.95 per month to spy on our loved ones and harass Kid Rock’s vile fans. What a mind-blowing idea!