Zion Williamson before and after: Looking at Pelicans star has incredible bσdy transformation

According to a social media post from TheDunkCentral, New Orleans Pelicans phenom Zion Williamson underwent yet another remarkable bоdily change during the NBA offseason.

Williamson, now 23, missed 61 games in 2016 because of injuries, but he appeared in 24 as a rookie. The anticipation of seeing what kind of player he develops into grows each year.There have been some “scary hours,” as TheDunkCentral tweeted.

Users were quick to point out that Williamson had experienced “scary hours” for the past couple of years in a row, and so no longer believed the hype.

Williamson has struggled with his weight for his whole career, but he eventually “grew into his man body,” as Skip Bayless would sаy.An adult film actress has made multiple allegations concerning the former first overall choice that have caused him to be involved in off-court scаndаl.

The woman, identified as Moriah Mills, had her X (Twitter) account terminated because of her constant tweeting against Williamson.Williamson’s huge arms could be the result of extra effort in the gym brought on by all the strеss.

Williamson’s body appears to be at its prime and ready to go, but whether he can string together a whole season is still up in the air.

Pelicans’ Zion Williamson looks absolutely jacked during preseason workouts

Zion Williamson, standout player for the New Orleans Pelicans, looks to have been very busy this offseason.

The power forward recently posted images of himself on social media in which he appeared thinner but still ultra-muscular as he shot baskets and worked his abs. According to NBA.com:


The former Duke star’s apparent weight gain since his 2019 NBA debut has been the source of both jokes and genuine worry in prior seasons.

His long history of injuries only served to heighten those worries.Zion Williamson, who had already missed the whole 2021-22 season due to an offseason Jones fracture, went down with a hamstring ailment in January 2023 that was initially thought to be minor but eventually became quite worrying.

After New Orleans’ play-in game defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2023, Williamson sat out the rest of the season.But judging by his appearance in recent images, Williamson appears to have made significant progress this summer in terms of his health and fitness.

When Williamson is at full strength and on the court, no one else in the NBA can compare. With him on the field, New Orleans jumps from being a marginal playoff team to a potential title contender thanks to his size, strength, and quickness.


If these photos are any indication, Williamson will be fit and ready to dominate the league once again when the new season begins in a few of months.