Lakers are putting the finishing touches on designs for a Kobe Bryant statue

Lakers are putting the finishing touches on designs for a Kobe Bryant statue, with an unveiling date of August 8 or 24, a tribute to his jersey numbers.

A source close to the Lakers told that Kobe Bryant’s promised statue will be unveiled on August 8, 2024, adding that it will include his daughter Gigi and the numbers 8 and 24, which were his jersey numbers.

After Bryant, his daughter Gigi (then 13), six friends, and a pilot perish in a helicopter crаsh in January of 2020, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has stated her intention to create a statue in his honor.

According to, a source says that Bryant’s widow Vanessa is helping with the planning, but they warn that an artist has not yet been selected.

When asked for clarification, team representatives did not immediately get back to Mail Sport.

Lakers supporters have been waiting impatiently for a statue of Bryant to be unveiled, despite widespread belief that the team will wait until 2024 to do it.On August 5, @LakeShowYo, a popular Twitter user who focuses on the Los Angeles Lakers, said, “Why do we still not have a Kobe statue outside Staples Center?”

Several people answered the question the same way: “They’re waiting until 2024.”At the аccident site in Calabasas, California, there was already one Kobe/Gigi statue, but it was not intended to be there permanently.

A bronze monument weighing 150 pounds depicting Bryant in his Lakers uniform with his arm around Gigi, who was also a young basketball star at the time of the crаsh, was sculpted by Southern California artist Dan Medina.

The names of the other crаsh victims, including pilot Ara Zobayan, are inscribed on the base beside those of Christina Mauser, Payton Chester, Sarah Chester, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, and Alyssa Altobelli.

Fans visited the crаsh site to leave flowers and other mementos, as well as take photos of the statue. This statue is a scaled-down version of a larger sculpture he’s creating, which he eventually wants to have installed somewhere in the heart of Los Angeles.

Medina said that he would be happy if the smaller replica was found at the crаsh site.

I believe we handled it properly. There were no laws that I broke. No garbage was left behind, he assured The Associated Press in 2022. By demonstrating the potential for continued development from an action taken on the spur of the moment and in the correct manner, “I hope.”