50 Cent relished a morning meal and embarked on a private plane for a delightful sightseeing excursion

50 Cent is known for his music, but he also uses the internet to brag about his money and his honesty. On his third flight of the week, Curtis James Jackson III was able to consume some food. The rapper has pledged to go back to the gym as soon as he arrives in order to keep his physique in good shape.




In his most recent photographs taken aboard airplanes, he can be seen walking up and down the stairs before boarding and eating (at one point, while reading the newspaper). Fifty is a fan of luxury and sophisticated technology, and he has a private plane.

Fifty Cent wanted to demonstrate to his supporters that he had one after Floyd Mayweather received his in the year 2016. As shown in the video posted on Instagram, he reminded the former boxer, “You ain’t the only one with a private jet.” He adds Effen’s to his N424SK in the video to make it more customized.