99 problems, but money aint one for Beyonce’s man: Jay-Z can splurge $600,000 on… a single bar tap

How did your holiday weekend go? Perhaps you indulged a bit, maybe had a few too many drinks and ended up spending more than you intended. Well, take solace in the fact that you didn’t go to the extremes Jay-Z did last Sunday, when he dropped over $110,000 on a single bar tab. (Of course, your bank account probably doesn’t resemble his, but…)

Jay-Z drinks his way through Grammys

He was out in Manhattan celebrating the 50th birthday of his friend Juan “OG” Perez, who manages Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports empire. True to form, Jay-Z took care of the bill.

Reportedly, the night began with dinner at Zuma, where the bill amounted to a modest (or not-so-modest) $13,000. Then, the group of Roc Nation executives moved on to Made in Mexico in Inwood, where they splurged $9,000 on drinks, including Jay Z’s own D’Ussé cognac, before making a final stop at the club Playroom.This Gilded Champagne Brand Is So Good, Jay-Z Spent $300 Million For Sole  Ownership - The Good Stuff

And that’s when the largest portion of spending occurred, despite the fact that only six people remained in the group. They purchased and paid the full price for 40 bottles of different varieties of Ace of Spades Champagne — which, coincidentally, is also owned by Jay-Z!

So how did six individuals manage to consume such a considerable amount? Well, they didn’t actually drink it all themselves: Jay-Z generously distributed bottles to other tables in the club. (Being in the right place at the right time certainly paid off…)

Although this spending spree may not have been particularly noteworthy for Jay-Z, it was undoubtedly a significant night for the server, who shared the bill on Snapchat.

The final tally? $91,135, which included an impressive $11,000 tip — not too shabby for a night’s work.

While Jay-Z could have easily bought the entire nightclub, this time he opted to simply buy out the bar.