A Glimpse Inside Shaquille O’Neal’s Private Jet, ‘Dunkman’

The NBA superstar spent years utilizing inexpensive private aircraft before spending $27 million on a Bombardier Challenger 650.

The private plane’s luxurious interior has wood accents and cream leather seats, despite its all-white exterior.

Its range is 4,000 nautical miles, and it can accommodate 12 passengers. Shaq’s Dunkman insignia has been added to the airplane’s modified tail.

In a 2010 interview, O’Neal expressed doubts about ever buying his own private aircraft.

That’s not at all what I hear. He told Jetset magazine that he was unhappy with the amount of upkeep.

I want to stay informed about all of my financial investments.

I don’t want to be taken advantage of in a horrible situation. I know that other males have experienced it in the past.

O’Neal, whose estimated net worth is $400 million, stated he had no interest in buying a private jet to show off his money to other athletes.

Yes, “some guys do,” he replied.

That’s not how I act, though. Like you, I’m a typical dude.

Concerns have been raised by O’Neal’s 340-pound, seven-foot-one basketball legend’s admirers that the seats on his jet are too small for him to fit comfortably.

You need a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with more legroom, Big Shaq. Your plane’s inability to take off was ridiculed by one of your supporters.

There is no place for Shaq. We require an Airbus A380, said another individual.

Michael Jordan, another NBA legend, recently took a $61 million Gulfstream private jet to Europe.