Actor Bruce Willis: His wife is the boss

Bruce Willis, a famous Hollywood actor through the ᴅɪᴇ Hard series, revealed that in the family, his wife is the best and he is willing to do anything she assigns. Actor Bruce currently has a happy family with his beautiful young wife and lovely daughter Mabel, 9 months old. Bruce and model Emma Heming have been married for 3 years now, and he always has good words to praise his wife. Bruce and his wife “Emma is a wonderful person, she is also a wonderful mother. 

In addition, Emma is smart and humble. I love her so much. Emma had a successful modeling career at a young age. She’s my boss and out of the two of us, she’s the smartest. I ask her opinion more than I ask anyone else’s opinion” – Bruce Willis confided. In addition to Mabel, Bruce previously had three daughters with his ex-wife Demi Moore. 

Bruce is proud that his three daughters with his ex-wife have all grown up and become real women: “There was a time when I didn’t know what they would be like when they grew up, but now they have become great women. They behave kindly, intelligently, and politely, which makes me couldn’t be more satisfied.” Currently, Bruce is a father for the fourth time at the age of 57. However, the actor affirms that he is not stressed or worried at all because he thinks that regularly filming action movies will help him be physically strong enough to take care of her. girlie.  

Intimate on the red carpet    “One of the things that makes being a father easier for me is being able to run, jump, and play with my children comfortably. Becoming a father at this time is an important milestone in my life. I like waking up early and taking care of Mabel, it makes me very interesting and happy” – Bruce Willis said.