Beyond Tesla: The surprising cars in Elon Musk’s Garage, The Most Expensive One Is $20.5 million

Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, might be synonymous with electric vehicles, but there’s more to his automotive passion than meets the eye. Yes, he’s the CEO of Tesla, but beneath the surface lies a true “gearhead” with a secret collection boasting some seriously impressive rides.

Long before Tesla dominated the electric car scene, Musk was cruising in a Porsche 997, a fact revealed during a casual conversation on The Joe Rogan Podcast. This German sports car hinted at a deeper love for powerful engines that extended far beyond the confines of his own company.

But Musk’s car collection isn’t just about speed. He also has a taste for the iconic. Remember the Lotus Esprit, the sleek submarine car driven by Roger Moore’s James Bond in “The Spy Who Loved Me”? Believe it or not, Musk managed to snag that very car at auction, keeping his identity as the buyer a secret for years.

However, the crown jewel of Musk’s collection (at least, while it was still Earth-bound) was arguably the McLaren F1. This ultra-rare supercar, acquired back in 1999 after his windfall from PayPal, solidified his status as a true car enthusiast.

McLaren bought by Elon Musk now worth jaw-dropping figure

Elon Musk and his McLaren F1

Fast forward to today, and Musk’s priorities have shifted. He now commutes daily in a Tesla model (though he’s tight-lipped on which one), and his personal Roadster achieved a different kind of fame – launched into space on a Falcon Heavy rocket in a audacious display of innovation. Musk himself seems less interested in “earthly” possessions these days, with his focus firmly set on loftier goals like colonizing Mars.

The History of Elon Musk's Car Collection: McLaren, BMW, Lotus, Tesla

This newfound minimalism extends beyond cars. In 2020, Musk announced a radical plan to sell “almost all physical possessions” and “own no house.” He’s been true to his word, divesting himself of seven properties and reinvesting the proceeds back into his ventures.

This dedication is paying off. Beyond the household names like Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter (now X), Musk’s portfolio includes a diverse range of companies. The Boring Company tackles futuristic transportation solutions, while Neuralink delves into the fascinating realm of brain-computer interfaces. In fact, Neuralink just recently achieved a groundbreaking feat – enabling a paralyzed man to control a computer with his mind!

With a mind that constantly pushes boundaries and a drive to change the world, Elon Musk’s story is far from over. And who knows, maybe his next car purchase will be a spaceship designed for interplanetary travel.