BIG HEART: Usain Bolt Foundation has made a donation of 150 laptops to schools in rural Jamaica valued at $40,000

“Giving back is the greatest thing in my life,” Usain Bolt says as he distributes 150 laptops to classrooms in rural Jamaica.

The Usain Bolt Foundation distributes aid to elementary and primary school students.

Usain Bolt, the all-time sprinting champion, has displayed his benevolence once more in an effort to assist Jamaican children with their education amidst the pandemic.

150 laptops have been donated by the Usain Bolt Foundation to institutions located in rural Jamaica. Several educational institutions will derive advantages from this endeavor, which is estimated to be worth forty thousand dollars (USD).

According to the official website of the legendary athlete, the eight-time Olympic champion stated that these Usain Bolt Foundation initiatives are crucial in honoring his pledge to ensure that the children of Jamaica benefit from his efforts.

“The greatest thing in my life is giving back, particularly to children,” said Bolt. Many children are compelled to take classes exclusively online due to the current global pandemic, which emphasizes the need for technology in schools. We shall persist in our efforts to furnish indispensable instruments and bolster the academic pursuits of forthcoming generations.

The Usain Bolt Foundation is primarily concerned with elementary and primary school-aged students. It remains a force of good for children throughout the nation, and its benevolent hands will persist in inspiring optimism and providing aid whenever feasible. Twenty-one (21) Early Childhood Institutions in rural Jamaica received printers and other supplies from the Usain Bolt Foundation in the previous year. Additionally, seven institutions situated in his parish of Trelawny were equipped with computers or tablets.

Bolt assumed paternity last summer with the birth of their infant together with his girlfriend, Kasi J. Bennett. The couple bestowed Olympia Lightning Bolt, both her given and middle name, in honor of the sprinter’s legendary celebration, career accomplishments, and world-record breaking velocity.

Just after the birth, Bolt, 33, wrote on Instagram, “We have begun a new chapter together with our daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt. While I eagerly await what the future holds, you can rest assured that I will continue to provide unwavering support for our family.”

Olympia and the daughter of an additional Olympic champion share the same name. While their official name for their daughter is Alexis Olympia, tennis player Serena Williams and her spouse, Alexis Ohanian, commonly address her as Olympia.