Brad Pitt trains muscles and diets

Brad Pitt trains muscles and diets; Angelina assigns tasks to her children

According to Men’s Health , Brad Pitt always maintains regular exercise and is physically ready to participate in any movie. In the late 1990s, he was admired for his solid V-shaped abs. In the 2010s, the actor’s slim fit physique was Hollywood’s ideal model. At the age of 60, he is 1.8 m tall and weighs 78 kg, with a neat body with toned muscles.

According to Esquire , the actor does push-ups, pull-ups, squats, does pull-ups, T-Bar Rows, and jogs on the treadmill two hours a week. Every day, the actor focuses on a certain muscle group: Monday he trains his chest, Tuesday his back, Wednesday his shoulders, Thursday his arms, on the remaining days he performs other exercises and rests. Pitt actively exercises with weights of 40-45kg to be good for the heart and does cardio to lose fat.

Before filming projects, actors increase their exercises in sprints of several weeks or up to a year. He exercises with a personal trainer, mainly doing push-ups to expose the muscle layers underneath the abdominal wall. For movies that require a lot of fighting skills, he spends 2-3 hours in the gymnastics room.

While exercising, the American star follows a diet. A healthy diet determines up to 50% of the process of shaping and maintaining flexibility and health. According to Elle , Pitt eats many meals a day and doesn’t eat too much. His breakfast usually includes eggs, oatmeal, and raisins. Occasionally, Pitt will replace eggs with protein shakes if his schedule is tight.

The next meal after breakfast, the actor used tuna and whole grain Pita bread. Pitt has lunch with chicken breast, brown rice or pasta, and green vegetables. Before training in the late afternoon, he snacks on a protein bar or whey protein shake and a banana. After the workout, he had a protein shake and banana. For dinner, the actor prioritizes grilled fish or chicken, brown rice or pasta, vegetables and salad. Before going to bed, Pitt eats some low-fat cottage cheese.

In an interview with Vogue , Brad Pitt said he also cares about taking care of his appearance but not too much. He carries out a minimalist skin care routine every day. Pitt likes gentle foaming cleansers. After cleansing his skin, he switched to using a serum containing hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize, fade wrinkles and instantly plump the skin.

On Glamour , Pitt said he likes smooth, firm skin. After the serum, he locks in moisture with a moisturizing cream extracted from shea butter, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and vitamin E. To make his eyes radiant, he diligently applies eye cream.

Brad Pitt was born in 1963 and has been a top Hollywood actor for the past three decades. According to The Numbers , the movies he starred in earned about $5 billion at the box office. The star has won many prestigious awards such as Oscars, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs. Recently, he limited his acting to focus on film production. Brad Pitt had two marriages with Jennifer Aniston (2000-2005) and Angelina Jolie (2014-2019).

Pax Thien (birth name Pham Quang Sang) is 20 years old, adopted by Jolie and Pitt in 2007. He graduated from high school at a private school in Los Angeles in June 2021. Pax Thien worked twice as his mother’s assistant on film sets. In 2017, Pax was responsible for filming and taking behind-the-scenes photos for the First They Killed My Father project in Cambodia. In mid-2022, he helped Jolie carry things and exchanged work with the film crew of the movie Without Blood.

Pax is pursuing work in creating mixed media and digital media visual art. The works follow the abstract style, created from many media or materials.

On August 16, mother and daughter appeared in the SoHo neighborhood wearing neutral-colored outfits. Pax Thien combines a simple white sweatshirt, black jeans, Converse sneakers, a silver bear necklace and a baseball cap. Angelina Jolie wore all black with a blazer, straight-leg pants and a lace tank top, accented with Céline’s logomania style Horizontal Cabas tote bag for $1,850.

The two visited shops and galleries. According to Daily Mail , Pax Thien had a small incident when he almost hit his face on the car window. At that time, the bodyguard opened the car door for Jolie to get out first. Thinking there was no one left, this person closed the door just as Pax Thien was walking out. The boy was happy about the incident and quickly went inside the building with his mother.

According to People , Pax has maintained a simple streetwear style with black and white tones for many years. During the summer, mother and daughter went out to New York many times. Most recently, he and his mother and sister Zahara were looking to buy a house. In June, Pax went for a walk wearing sunglasses like his mother. Passionate about photography and filming, he often brings a professional camera every time he goes out.

Daughter Vivienne, 15 years old, was hired by Angelina Jolie as an assistant for the musical she produced.

Jolie told Pagesix she hopes her daughter learns a lot in her role as an assistant when she produces the Broadway musical adapted from the movie The Outsiders .

“She reminds me of my mother (actress Marcheline Bertrand). When participating in projects, she does not want to be the center of attention but wants to support other creatives. She is very thoughtful and strict. Be serious about the stage, work hard,” Jolie said.

The Outsiders was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, based on the novel of the same name by SE Hinton published in 1967. According to Pagesix , Vivienne was taken to the theater by her mother as a child. She loves musicals adapted from the works of S.E. Hinton. In February, mother and daughter went to the musical project announcement at La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego, California.

Vivienne is the child of Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt. In 2012, Vivienne starred in the movie Maleficent with her mother at a studio in England when she was just 5 years old.