Brad Pitt’s extremely rare motorcycle collection.

Similar to numerous collectors, Brad Pitt doesn’t limit himself to a single brand or type of motorcycle. However, it appears that he has a particular affection for cafe racers and custom V-twin bikes.

From Shinya Kimura To Ecosse Titanium: Take A Look At Brad Pitt's Motorcycle Collection

Brad Pitt stands as one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors. Among the elite group of celebrities who indulge in luxurious spending, it’s no surprise given his lucrative film earnings. While he possesses aircraft and a selection of impressive cars, his true passion lies elsewhere.

The star of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” boasts an extensive collection of motorcycles. Like many enthusiasts, Pitt doesn’t limit himself to a single brand or type, yet he exhibits a particular affection for cafe racers and custom V-twin bikes.

Husqvarna Nuda 900R – $20,000

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Brad Pitt is among the select individuals who possess a Husqvarna Nuda 900R, boasting a BMW-developed, Husqvarna-tuned 900cc engine housed within an exposed trellis frame. This motorcycle is adorned with high-quality, race-inspired components and proudly showcases Husqvarna’s iconic red and white competition colors.

Shinya Kimura Custom – $30,000

Shinya Kimura: Master of Custom Motorcycles

The actor known for his role in “Fight Club” is a fervent admirer of Samurai choppers and Radical Cafe Racers. Among his prized possessions is a custom bike crafted by Shinya Kimura, featuring a 1974 Ducati engine. This bespoke Cafe Racer incorporates an oil cooler cleverly positioned beside the headlight, lending the bike a distinct asymmetric appearance. It serves as a testament to the excellence of Japanese design.

Ecosse Titanium Series XX – $300,000

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In 2013, Brad Pitt acquired a custom Ecosse Titanium Series XX bike, purportedly the priciest motorcycle globally at the time. The estimated cost of the motorcycle was reported to be $300,000 as of 2013.

Gasoline Alley/Indian Larry – $350,000

Gasoline Alley-Indian Larry | Bobber Motorcycle

Brad Pitt possessed an Indian Larry motorcycle, reportedly handcrafted from scratch at the Brooklyn shop of the store. According to reports, the renowned Indian Larry down tube is crafted from steel, heated up to 900 degrees, and then meticulously twisted by hand.

Zero Engineering Type9 – $50,000

2017 Zero Engineering Type 9 - Classic Avenue

Pitt acquired a Type 9 by Zero Engineering from the renowned garage initially established by Shinya Kimura. This motorcycle boasts a multi-link rear suspension, which includes a four-link mono-shock assembly, giving it the appearance of a hardtail.