Braves News: John Smoltz will join the Braves broadcast booth for two upcoming series

Atlanta Braves hall of famer and current Fox national MLB analyst, John Smoltz will be joining the Braves’ broadcast booth for two future series. The first being the August 14-16 series against the New York Yankees.

The Atlanta Braves all-time strikeouts leader will be joining the broadcast booth for two series in the last two months of regular season baseball. Fox National baseball color-commentator and MLB Hall of Famer, John Smoltz will once again be with the team he spent so much of his baseball life with.

The Braves announced this afternoon that Smoltz will join the broadcast team for the August 14-16 series against the New York Yankees and the September 11-13 series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Smoltz has been on MLB commentary for Fox for quite sometime now, but in 2023 he has finally taken a more regular dip into covering some games for the team that retired his number “29” number.

In case you were unaware, Smoltz was in the booth earlier this season for the Braves, with the epic broadcast booth of Jeff Francoeur, Tom Glavine, and Chipper Jones. That game also happened to be one of the best baseball games played this season as the Braves won a wild one on June 8th, a 13-10 extra innings comeback victory over their rival, thanks to a walk-off bomb from Ozzie Albies.

The booth was absolute madhouse that night with those four guys up their, and made for one of the more fun game watches of the season. However, it’s reported he will join play-by-play announcer Brandon Gaudin and Jeff Francoeur for the Yankees and be alongside just Gaudin for the Phillies series.

Fans everywhere have their opinions on Smoltz as a baseball commentator, and rightfully so as there are times he goes on his “the way the game is played today” rants. Regardless, his first stint in a Braves booth this season was a positive one and got a lot of impressions on social media for the fun they all had that night. So, let’s hope for more of that as we see the Braves’ Hall of Famer join the team for some important series’ down the stretch.