Chelsea legend Samuel Eto’o has fulfilled his dream of purchasing a house in Italy for £18.5 million, using his entire football career salary

Chelsea legend Samuel Eto’o fulfills his dream of purchasing an Italian villa with his entire football career earnings, reportedly spending £18.5 million. According to reports from Corriere Dello Sport, the former Chelsea and Everton striker has made a substantial investment in acquiring the property.


Eto’o’s purchase of the mansion, Villa Altachiara, located in Portofino, northern Italy near Genoa, has raised eyebrows due to its connection to the so-called Tutankhamun curse. The historic property was previously owned by Lord Carnarvon, known for his involvement in the alleged “Curse of the Pharaoh.”


Villa Altachiara’s history can be traced back to February 16, 1923, when Lord Carnarvon and renowned English archaeologist Howard Carter famously discovered the tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. The site was believed to be cursed, and it is said that out of the 58 individuals present at the tomb’s unveiling, eight met untimely deaths within a span of twelve years.


Despite the rumored curse associated with the property, Eto’o reportedly proceeded with the purchase of Villa Altachiara, adding another intriguing chapter to the rich history of this Italian estate.