Couple Usain Bolt are enjoying a romantic holiday in Bora Bora following the sporting legend’s constant partying without the brunette beauty in Brazil and London

Usain Bolt hints at ENGAGEMENT on romantic holiday with his girlfriend after wild benders with women

The star appears to have been forgiven for his crazy celebrations – after he was pictured in bed with a girl and partied with others

Usain Bolt on holiday

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Following his Olympic victory, Usain Bolt elevated the level of celebration by engaging in a series of daring benders with a variety of women.

After recent rumors, it appears the celebrity has regained his composure and reconciled with his fiancée Kasi Bennett; in fact, he has even hinted that the two are ENGAGED.

Following the sporting legend’s constant partying without the brunette beauty in Brazil and London, during which he was even spotted in bed with one girl, the couple is currently savoring a romantic vacation in Bora Bora.

The 20-year-old Brazilian student Jady Duarte told the Daily Mail that following their passionate evening together, she believed the 30-year-old had a “real connection” with her.

Usain Bolt on holiday relaxing with his bride-to-be (Image: Instagram)

Kasi Bennett unwinds alongside the athlete.(XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM image)

Although in a committed relationship with Kasi for over two years, the sprinting legend was also observed engaging in sexual activity with another woman in a Brazilian nightclub. His whether or not he was unfaithful is unknown.

However, it appears that he and his significant other have resolved their differences, as he posted several photos from their vacation, one of which read, “She said yes,” accompanied by an emoji of a bridal and a heart.

Another video depicts him lounging in a pool while donning a pair of orange shorts with the woman as they sip beverages under the sun.

Kasi penned “#SelfControl” on Twitter shortly after the celebrity was spotted partying with a group of six women for the fourth consecutive night.

usain Bolt

The pair appear to be engaged (Image: usainbolt/snapchat)

Usain Bolt partying

The celebrity enjoyed several evenings out (Photo courtesy of Splash).

“Not easy,” she replied in response to a follower who stated, “I wish I had @kasi_b’s level of self-control.”

Usain previously appeared to allude to his affair with Jady via Twitter: “You exchanged your life with a goddess for a one-night fling with someone who will never even come close.” Kasi, whom he alludes to as his “First Lady.”

Prior to this, Christine Bolt-Hylton, 32, Bolt’s sister, maintained that the couple would wed, stating: “I’ve met her, and she’s absolutely ideal for Usain.

“I would say that the likelihood that they will become engaged upon his return from Rio is extremely high. They appeared to be very at ease together when we last saw them in March at Usain’s restaurant in Jamaica; they were sharing meals while laughing and joking.