‘Crazy’: Rick Ross recently unveiled a new furniture addition to his mega-mansion

Paging Kramer from “Seinfeld!” He called it first. Many moons ago, the beloved sitcom character came up with an off the wall idea of writing a coffee table book…about coffee tables.

If TV were reality, Rick Ross’ newest piece of furniture would likely make the cover.

On the rap king’s Instagram, he showed off his new custom-made creation — a 757 airplane motor transformed into (yes) a piece of furniture.

“Guess what we did,” Ross asks in a voiceover, explaining that he and his team had the blades removed, polished and fitted as well as internal lighting that the music star can control from his smartphone.

Ross, 46, says he will be using this glass masterpiece for brunch and to enjoy his “fav drink,” but, hey, he’s The Boss and can literally do what he wants.

Rick Ross opens Georgia mega-mansion for 'Coming 2 America'

“This is a Ricky Rozay request,” the “Every Day I’m Hustlin’” singer says proudly. “We pulled it off. Amazing.”

Judging by the massive chandelier above, this table rests in the very same home Ross bought in an all cash deal back for $3.5 million in March 2021. The Southwest Ranches mega-mansion used to belong to none other than Miami Heat star Amar’e Stoudemire. We are sure he would approve and also probably is hoping for an invite.

Ross’ followers were showing the love for Ross’ latest possession.

“Coming over!” wrote one.

“That’s just the coolest table I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s crazy.”


OK, the big question: How much? Ross asks fans to DM if you’re curious about the price. We did so, and haven’t heard back, but we’ll be waiting.

In the meantime, because we are Internet sleuths here at Miami.com and also very nosy by nature, we dug and found a similar looking one on eBay.

A sleek table by U.S. aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney is going for $6,299. Shipping is free.

You’re welcome.