Damian Lillard Makes First Statement

Damian Lillard Makes First Statement Since Trade Request To The Miami Heat

Damian Lillard has said something for the first time since the news came out that he had asked to be traded.

On Sunday afternoon, he replied to a fan on Twitter who was supporting him.

Lillard has been criticized for “running from the grιnd” after he asked Portland to trade him to the Miami Heat. During his 11-year career, he has been with the Trailblazers, but they have never been able to put together a good enough team to get to the Finals. During Lillard’s time with the team, the Trailblazers reached the Western Conference Finals once.

From 2012 to 2021, Neil Olshey was the general manager of the Trail Blazers. Even though he couldn’t build a strong group around Lillard, he kept trying to rebuild. Joe Cronin became general manager in 2022, and just one year later, he chose to start putting the team back together.

Lillard’s answer to the fan started with, “It’s in my blσσd to take the high road.” He has never been known in his work to respond to hate or cause trouble. He then asks fans what they are watching and if he has led them or anyone else astray.

Some Trailblazers fans are thanking and praising Lillard for his time and work in Portland in response to his comments. Others are saying that he wants a “easy ring” by asking to be traded to the Eastern Conference winners, which is a criticism.